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Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 188 comments Mod
You know the drill.

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Vospader21 | 14 comments Name: Dalhaga Nosthims

Age: 320 years. Body in the condition of a 40 year old.

Species: Dragonoid

Human Appearance:

Hybrid Appearance:
Except there is a huge scar from a spear on his exposed abdomen.

Dragon form:

Type: Fire

Weapons and Gear: Aside from fangs and claws, the shield shaped gauntlets on his arms release blades that are each a forearm length long. The blades are made of high quality folded steel, and he can use them to channel his fire magic. When not in full dragon form his body is covered in head to toe in heavy armour, with the exception of his exposed abdomen, which brandishes a scar from a spear.

Abilities: Uses fire with the skill and precision of a master. Can create flames at all forms of temperature, and manipulate them to any desired shape for a variety of effects. Transforms from a human form, to dragonoid, to a full on dragon form.

History: Dalhaga worked as a mercenary for many years, but after the murder of his wife he needed to find a more stable line of work, so he is applying for a teaching job at Camp Half-Dragon. He has years of combat experience under his belt. And he uses fire with the skill and precision that only years of experience could bring, and is adept in the ways of sword and hand-to-hand combat. He has two children who he hopes to enroll in the camp.

Significant other: Maven Nosthims (spouse/deceased)

message 3: by Vospader21 (new)

Vospader21 | 14 comments I've been reading the species list that one of your co-mods made. Does my OC count as a full dragon? And can full dragons take a human, or draganoid form?

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 178 comments Mod
(( That's general information on such beings. That doesn't necessarily mean that that information follows the same protocol as this group's roleplay. ))

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Vospader21 | 14 comments Oh

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Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 188 comments Mod
Name: Thorn
Age: 25
Species: human
Description: 5' 4", Male, human, quick and skinny fingers, always wears hunting clothes
Picture?:[image error]
Personality:Alert, clever, and observant
History: He doesn't remember, and it drives him crazy
Magic Bow and arrow (ShadowThorn) that never gets lost. During his most difficult challenge, he will be able to flame up the arrow at will, but util then it remains normal.
Powers: None
Gifts/Talents: Archery, can observe very well.
Pets?: yes

Name: Luke
Species: Camo-ferret
Powers: Camouflage, Stretching (limited)
Gifts/Talents: Shadow claw, super-smell, talks
Family:Dad and Mom(Deceased)
Crush: none
History, Thorn saved him from gnomes, and now he flattens himself around thorns arm and pretends to be a black tattoo.


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