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So I am Wondering....Should I watch the Movie?

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I absolutely loved the book, but I am a little hesitant about watching the movie, becuase it might ruin it...

What should I do????????????


Claudia the Night Owl The movie is quiet different from the book but you should watch it anyway if only for Alex pettyfer ;)

Halle OMG the scene where he works out... !!! Makes Vanessa Hudgenson's acting bearable. And Mary Kay Olsen is the perfect Kendra. so eccentric

Heather Boustead The movie is truly different I watched the movie first and I love the book so much more.


Ayah i havent read the book yet but its on my to read ant the movie is really good well if u like Alex pettyfer and Vanesa Huhgens was suprisengly good.

Hannah i loved the book and i loved the movie, but it is different

Marj the movie was so-so but still watchable

Jenna The book and the movie are totally different but I still liked the movie but prefered the book :)

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Honestly I think the book is much better then the movie because there are some changes I personally doesn't liked for example the cutted chat situation and the different potraying of some roles. But I still able to say that the movie watchable especially because of the main actors Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer. :)

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