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My Written Thoughts

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message 1: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (readerandwriter) I was wondering, when you can or if you will, get my poetry book "My Written Thoughts" and read and tell me what you think about it? Tell me what your favorite poems are? What are your least favorite and why? I will greatly appreciate it :).


message 2: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (readerandwriter) you can get my book at amazon.com or www.publishamerica.com or Barnes&Noble's website.

message 3: by Silvia (new)

Silvia (robin10hood) i'll look into it. that's cool to have a published book.

what kind of poetry is it?

message 4: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (readerandwriter) My book has no theme...its just random poems. Each poem touches a different subject.

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