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Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 133 comments Mod
((Sorry for the wait! I forgot to plan anything, so this is what I quickly pulled together. Enjoy!))

The breeze nips at your cheeks and chills your hands as you rise up into the arena.
Directly in front of you you see:
Stonehenge. The ancient stones had survived the wars and storms that had gone on around it for an insanely long amount of time. Over those years the coastline had shrunk in to be close to stonehenge. Only around half a mile away, really. If that! But all around, the ground is mostly flat with small bumps and hills. The coast line is rocky and treacherous and the ocean glistens in its peculiar, murky way.
The cornucopia rests in the center of stonehenge, the brilliant gold of it attracting the eye.
As your breath fogs in front of you you begin to prepare yourself to take action as your remaining seconds tick away. The Games are about to begin. Soon you will die.


The gong echoed out over the arena, signaling the start of the games.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments Ash let out his breath. The gong rang and he opened his eyes, bolting to the hills behind him and not looking back. 'i will not be a part of the blood bath,' he tells himself over and over in his mind as he runs.

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» | 307 comments Jinx stood almost frozen on the metal plate, her breath fogging up before her face as it passed between her parted lips. She knew they were watching, and she knew she was going to win. She caught herself just before the smirk reached any further than her eyes, and looked down at her feet with a demure expression. She'd kept up her act this long, it wouldn't do to let it go now.

The gong sounded, and she ran to the Cornucopia as fast as she could go, having no intentions of stopping any longer than to grab the neccessary things to keep her alive. She scooped up a red backpack as she ran, catching a glimpse of light reflecting off something metal as she did so. Hesitantly, she went further into the gold structure, keeping up a good pace, and found the object to be a pile of thin wire. As her hand closed around the metal, someone else's hand was stretching out towards it. She ducked under the extended arm, only to find herself facing a multitude of other tributes, all with goals similar to her own. At this turn of events, she let panic enter her expression, though she did not feel it's touch. As they reached for the red bags that were undoubtedly essential to any chance of survival, she ran for hills, holding fiercely to her bag and to the weapon that was the key to her success.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments Ash lost sight of the cornicopia a long time ago, and he told himself this when he collasped on the ground, breathing as hard as he could. He picked himself up and dragged himself another 50 feet till he was just breathing hard. He sat down and tried to think. There wasn't much around him. What is he going to do? And where was everyone else?

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments Ash dragged himself to his feet and looked around. He saw shrubs and a few other naturey thing scattered here and there. He wished he grabbed something a weapon. He started gathing some stone to throw, it was better then nothing.

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» | 307 comments Once Jinx thought she was far enough away from the rest of the tributes to pause for a breath, she stopped running, slowing to a gentle jog and finally to a stop. Strategy. That was what these Games were about. Her fingers ran through the top of her hair as she heaved a small sigh. First things first, she needed to make an alliance or two. She'd been watching the tributes during the training sessions at the Capitol, and was pretty sure she knew who could help her win. Any more than two, however, would be too risky, she would spend all her time watching them for any sign of betrayal rather than focusing on what was needed to win. Still, the most important thing was that she could not kill the boy tribute from her district unless absolutely neccessary. She would lose sponsors, and with how she had so far presented herself, that was something she could not afford.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments Ash twisted and tied his shirt so it had a little pocket for holding the rock ((did that all the time in korea lol)) and held one in his hand. He looked around again, and turning around he found another boy, from district 5 watching him. Ash stood looking at him, his body ready to throw the stone. "What do you want." He said, his voice low but clear.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments Ash looked down at Sam, the boy wasn't that much shorter then him, he thought. "Think out loud then." Ash replied, he didn't like that he had his hands in his pockets. Anything could be in there.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments Ash looked down at Sam, the boy wasn't that much shorter then him, he thought. "Think out loud then." Ash replied, he didn't like that he had his hands in his pockets. Anything could be in there.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments "I don't know. It depends why your asking." Ash said, his eyes hardening. he wasn't sure he was liking this Sam guy.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments Ash looked him up and down. then it hit him. "If you were going to kill me, i'd already be dead, wouldn't i?" he said. "I know why your here. So. Did you change your mind? Or are you going to say it?" Ash felt like he was being hard, mean, but he was smart. And Sam seemed decent enough. If not, well no looking back now.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments Ash narrow his eyes into a glare. "call me kid one more time and I'll snap you in two." he muttered. "if we make it to the top it's fair game for both of us, that's my price."

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments Ash raised an eyebrow. "Ash. District 10. And i assume your Sam id i remeber right?" Ash said. "where are you from?"

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments Ash sighed and shook his hand. "We need to get moving. Or something. Standing still isnt' going to cut it."

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Kali should have fled as soon as the gong sounded, and she wasn't sure why she hadn't, maybe it was because she knew she wouldn't survive long with out some form of supplies. Still as quick as a flash she was in and out with a sleeping bag and a medium sized dull brown-gray backpack. This suited her surroundings well and content with herself Kali turned tail and ran, gripping her mother's necklace the whole way along. It wasn't until too late she realized there was someone blocking her way.

Cale watched the bloodbath from about ten yards back from his starting pedestle. He was intruiged with the violence unfolding before his eyes, and cringed as the starved and dry grass was watered with blood. He was completely obsorbed with the goings on in front of him, he never even noticed the girl until she ran into him. Cale looked her over as if from a distance and was shocked when the tiny girl leaned down and picked up a jaggedly broken stick. The small girl brandished the stick like a weapon and Cale smiled, almost sneered at her bravery, or foolishness, he was so much larger than her. Maybe that is why he was so surprised, for as he took a slight step in advance the girl shoved the broken stick into his abdomen and was running away with breathtaking speed before he could comprehend what had happened. Again he looked at the parched grass below him, this time it was his own blood that would feed the starved plants. The world went black and Cale collapsed, as he did he remembered, That was the twelve year old who got the 11... That was his last thought, a little girls face and an eleven flashing next to it.

Her harshness scared even Kali herself, she had acted completely on instinct, then bolted at that boy lay dying with a stick in his gut. She felt sick but held in her food, hoping that she would make it to the hills before someone caught up to her.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments Poema (Elizabeth) wrote: ""Good idea," Sam nodded, shouldering his pack. "What's your choice of weapon? Because, that rock may help but it won't last. We should loot Cornucopia, of course the Careers might have it guarded,"..."

Ash shrugged. "Pitch fork? No, spear." He looked back toward the cornicopia. "Let's loop around and we can hide behind some of those dunes on the left side of the cornicopia to make sure. There are no supplies out here.."

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments "Oh the joy." Ash muttered, and started into a quick jog, his head up and looking for... well anything.

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Kali continued to run until her strong legs ached and her lungs screamed for air. The day was drawing to an end and her breath fogged infront of her, gasping she sat down on the hard dirt and sparse grass, she shivered. In the distance the tall rocks surrounding the cornucopia were stark against the fading light of day, the metal of the cornucopia itself glinting in the fading light, it was still, the dark smudges of bodies littered the ground, one she had killed. The cannon fired and Kali began to cry quietly.

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Kali sat quietly after her sobs finally ceased, her shoulders shook and she was quite numb. Cold bit at her nose as the night's chill settled into her bones, accompanied by the chill of death, she had killed that District 12 boy. Looked him in the eye and shoved a sharp piece of wood into his stomach. Kalie could almost feel the wound for herself, the blood rushing out of her and spilling on the dry ground, she shivered, but not from the cold.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments Ash looked up. "23 more to go." Ash whispered, allowing the boy that. Strangly he didn't feel anything. He didn't know if that was good or bad, and he was almost afraid of it. But he was just the same.

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Kali saw some figures moving in the growing darkness and decided now was a good time to continue along on her journey.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments "Ya." Ash grunted, his head on a swivel as they approched thier destination.

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Now the full dark engulfed her and Kali gasped. Fear flooded over her while her eyes adjusted to the darkness and was gone as she regained her sight. Now she knew the others could not see her and she should be safe until daylight, she kept walking.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments Ash bit the inside of his cheak. Something was wrong. Was it a trap? By the gamemakers or by the other tributes? He started toward it slowly.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments "What? Where?" Ash's muscles were taught and now the addreneline started through his viens.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments Ash looked "its a great thing we have a backup plan." he muttered.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments Ash did even say anything, but palmed the stone, glancing back from Sam to the large stone.

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Kali looked behind herself, checking if she was being followed. Her heart sank when she saw that the looming rocks of Stonehenge weren't as far off as she had hoped...

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments Ash looked at Sam and hoped he was reading him right. He reeled back, aimed, and put his body into the throw. It was realtivly on aim. It seemed like forever as the rock went through the air.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments Ash's blood started pumping, there really was a tribute there. What should he do? They are going to kill each other! That's what they are supossed to do.. But could Ash? He was bigger and stronger then both of these boys and he found himself running toward the new boy, with speed he didn't knew he had, and diving to tackel hiim.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments Ash's arm erupted into a flame of burning as he crashed down with the Markus. He tried not to crush the kid on impact and wrapped his arms around the kids skinny torso. He tried to ignore the burning in his arm, and realised somehow he got cut. He looked to Sam. "Some help?" he grunted, holding Markus's skwirming body.

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Hearing the faint sounds of a squirmish still towards the stones Kali betrayed herself to stop and gaze back. She could barely make out the struggling figures and couldn't see enough to know who they were, she could tell that two of them were ganging up on a scrawny looking kid not much older than herself.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments "No!" the cry escaped from Ash and he froze digging though Sam's bag. "What have you done?" He whispered.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments "Hey," Ash said, getting up, "Hey!" He grabbed Sam by the shoulders. "Get a hold of yourself." He said, he looked down at Sam, for a second wishing they stood eye to eye. "Anyone would have forced themselves to do it. That's it. Move on." Ash took off the black sweatshirt they have him to wear and threw it over the kids face. "It's done."

Ashed hated it all. He hated every word coming out of his mouth but he had to say it. He had to make himself strong, no matter what. He wouldn't let anything make him weak. He couldn't afford it.

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Kali watched from a safe distance as the smaller boy went down and the other two bickered about something she couldn't hear from where she was. Dispite her best intentions Kali had found herself creeping closed and closer to the far off battle field, she told herself that it was so she could size up the competition. One had to get good at lying when in the Games, both to others and themselves.

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Even after the fight was over Kali continued to draw nearer, curious about these two boys, mostly because the other tributes had already vanished or died.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments "It's fine." Ash said. "Don't say things like that." he looked Sam in the eyes, hoping he could see the lie. "there false, the gamemakers give us a chance to do something good." Maybe a half lie.

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Kali was quite near to the rocks now, the Cornucopia in the middle, the two boys heading that way as she peeked carefully around the rocks at them. The dead boy was a ways off, near the other side of the rocky circle, intrigued Kalli watched the two boys.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments "Ya." Ash muttered, shoving his shaking hands into fist. It would be better to die of infection then dying like that boy. He decided. He looked over the cornicopica and picked up a pitch fork. "Like it was made for me." He muttered, because he knew it was.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments "You gonna make a map?" Ash said, looking for food.

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Kali peeked secretly out form behind the immence stone pillar hoping to maybe be able to find something useful in whatever they didn't take from the Cornucopia.

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(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments "Ah." Ash pulled out a medical pack. "Where is everyone?"

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(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments ((omg, sorry!))

Ash looked around. "Whenever you are ready."

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments "Let's beat it." Ash said, feeling the ground carefully with his feet, hhe figured traps would be around, so better slow then.. dead.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments ((idk what to do, there isn't anyone else rping -.-))

Ash saw that sun was starting to set. What would the gamemakers bring out at night? "We better find some cover fast."

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments "Or worst." Ash muttered. "Lead the way."

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments "Oh i am." Ash replied, that we'll run into a trap one way or another. He finished in his head.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments The final rays of sun fell, Ash wondered if the anthem would come on soon. "Ok. Well. What now?"

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 78 comments Ash swore. "I wish i knew where." He whispered. "Did you even hear screams?"

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