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Alison (fantasticreads) | 419 comments Mod
Please post links to your reviews here.

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Tahmina Alam | 13 comments How do I upload my reviews? Just copy and paste into here?

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Tahmina Alam | 13 comments Funnybones (Picture Puffin) Funnybones by Allan Ahlberg

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book Review: Funnybones.
This is a fun rhyming story about three skeletons: big skeleton, little skeleton and dog skeleton, who search for something to do in the night and decide to take the dog for a walk. When dog skeleton has an accident resulting in him breaking to pieces, big skeleton and little skeleton put him back together after many attempts.

They then visit the skeleton zoo and meet many skeleton animals. And at last they decide to frighten one another before returning home.

Funnybones is the first of many collections of Funnybone stories. This is a good read for story time but can also be used in Early Years English lessons to discuss the rhyming feature of the book; this also makes it fun for children to follow and join in. Furthermore, it can also be creatively used in Early Years Science lessons to help children learn the different parts of the skeleton.

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Tahmina Alam | 13 comments The Roly Mo Show Fimbles Sleepover The Roly Mo Show Fimbles Sleepover by Susie Day

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book Review: The Roly Mo Show! Sleepover.

Little Bo has her very first sleep over at Uncle Roly Mo’s house. After unpacking they have a bedtime story called ‘Sparkly White’. Sparkly White narrates the bedtime routine of a little girl named Marinda, whose grandmother sings a song to her in order to remind her of the importance of brushing her teeth before bed. This encourages Little Bo to brush her teeth before bed, whilst making it fun. However Little Bo has trouble falling asleep as she can hear scary unexplained noises. She goes to Uncle Roly Mo to explore the origins of the unexplained noises, only to find out it was only the sound of the Snoots (Uncle Roly Mo’s pets) sleeping.

This book shows children that brushing teeth, which is normally viewed as a tedious routine by children, can be made fun with a simple sing-along. Hence, the sing-along song can be applied to the students’ own bedtime routine. It can also be used in conjunction with science lessons to help children learn the names of the different types of teeth as well as the importance of maintaining clean teeth. Furthermore, it comforts young kids to know that many noises ‘scary’ sounds heard in the night are actually quite explainable and not so scary at all. This is a suitable read for children in reception and year one as well as being a great book to use for a class sing-along. Moreover, older students in Key Stage one can use it as a part of their science lesson on teeth. But it is also recommended as story to be read at home with parents/guardians.

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Tahmina Alam | 13 comments Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale by John Steptoe

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book review: Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale.

This African tale tells a story of two opposite sisters from a small family, living in one of the many rural areas in Africa. Whilst Mufaro’s daughters were both beautiful in appearance, their inner beauty could not be more different. Locals complemented Nyasha’s kind, graceful and responsible qualities. On the contrary, Manyara was a very temperamental, rude and malicious person, especially to her sister whom she was very jealous of. Nyasha was very tolerant of her sister’s mean behaviour towards her and did not retaliate. Nyasha befriends a snake called Nyoka, who comes to visit her while she works in her garden.

Meanwhile, Mufaro remains oblivious to Manyara’s antics as she was vigilant in his presence and selfless Nyasha is too mindful of upsetting her father to complain. When one day, the king from the nearby city calls for all girls to be presented before him so that he may choose a wife, Mufaro decides both of his daughters must attend.

Seeing as Mufaro refused Manyara’s proposition to be sent to the city before the king without Nyasha accompanying her, she begins to secretly travel to the city alone. In her night journey, she comes across a small hungry boy whom she refuses to give food. Then she meets an old woman who advises her wisely regarding a group of laughing trees and a man who Manyara will come across in her journey. Yet Manyara responds disrespectfully. Consequently, when Manyara does come to pass the laughing trees and the old man she disregards the old women’s advice.

Back at the village, at the strike of dawn, in frenzy looking for her, everyone start following Manyara’s footprints to the city. As Nyasha passes the same route, she gives food to the hungry boy and thanks the old women with a gift for her help.

Finally, having reached the kingdom, Mufaro and Nyasha find Manyara running out the king’s chambers frightened. Manyara advised her sister against visiting the king, whom she described as a snake with five heads who claimed to know all her faults. Nyasha entered the king’s chamber to find Nyoka sitting on the throne revealing that he is the king, as well as the little hungry boy Nyasha had fed and the wise old women Nyasha had gifted. And so Nyasha was chosen as the new queen, with Manyara being the servant at the kingdom.

This is grasping story that can be used with Reception children, Key Stage one and two to teach them the importance of good manners, following instructions and can be implemented to deter bullying. The different forms of bullying and how to deal with it can be discussed. It can also be used as an African folk tale during international week, which can be performed at school assemblies. A highly recommended read.

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Sadia | 6 comments Oxford Reading Tree Stage 1+ Snapdragons Hello Grandma! by Leonie Bennett

Book Review: Hello grandma

This is a story about a young girl and her family who go on a trip to Pakistan to visit their Grandmother. Throughout the story the girl mentions all the different types of transport they use to get to Pakistan. The transports mentioned in the story are bus, train, taxi and plane.

This is a good book, suitable for early years and reception class. It can be used during story times, to help children explore different cultures for example, in the story the girl mentions “nanni ji” which means grandmother in Urdu language, this could be a new word for the children to learn and could also make it interesting for some of the EAL pupils to get involved. Other then exploring different cultures, this could also help pupils identify different transport methods.

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Joe Crook | 3 comments The Gruffalo The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A very well written story in which a mouse travels through the wood being coaxed in by three different predators. The quick thinking mouse then persuades the other characters that he is meeting a make believe monster called a Gruffalo. The Fox, Owl and Snake then leave quite frightened as Mouse explains that the Gruffalo's favourite food includes them.
The mouse then meets the Gruffalo and walks back through the woods with the monster behind him showing the other characters that he did exist, purely by fluke. He then explains the the dim witted Gruffalo that he is the scariest animal in the wood due to the fact that the other animals ran away from him.
A fantastic book for children up to year 4. It can be used to show rhyming words and the power of imagination. The book can be combined with actions for the children to learn the story off by heart, fusing together memory skills and fun. An amazing book for children and one the best in Donaldsons works.

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Joe Crook | 3 comments The Hobbit The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is perhaps one of my favourite books when i was young. Not only because it leads up to one of the great fantasy trilogy EVER! But it was the first book I read that made me feel grown up. This book is perfect for children in year 5 and 6. The names alone are great for children to use their reading knowledge to decipher the many words in Tolkiens world of Middle Earth. Its a classic adventure story with many phrases and motos to remember.
Bilbo is an average Hobbit going about his business like those in Hobbiton until Gandalf, a character with many levels of interpretation for both children reading the story and adults as well, persuades Bilbo to go on an adventure with a gang of Dwarfs and their leader Thorin Oakenshield. The group must go to the lonely mountain and fight a dragon with many mishaps and action along the way, mainly against trolls, goblins and orcs.
This book not only develops great english skills but also gives a philsophical approach to life. Mainly Gandalf questions things like how we say hello and why. The book for the advanced reader can mean so much more than just good triumphing over evil! I fully recommend this book to children all the time as the story will take them on an adventure they wont forget!

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Joe Crook | 3 comments Mr. Strong Mr. Strong by Roger Hargreaves

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I am incorporating the entire Mr. and Mrs. collection in this review as it would take too long to review all of them! These collection of books are great for promoting children to read lots of different stories rather than one big one. Each character is envolved in a moral lesson and betters himself/herself by the end of the book.
The books were originally only written with the Mr. Men collection but now with the recent addition of the Mrs. books both genders can enter a word with recurring characters, funny anecdotes and a lesson to be learnt. Only about ten to twelve pages long the stories are ideal for story time and a ten minute quiet reading period.
The books allow children to keep reading and collecting all the books. A perfect way to promote reading amoungst young children. They can explain to their friends that they have read that book and also have a favourite character. Perfect books for year 2 to year 4.

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Hi all,

My reviews:

The Iron Giant by Ted Hughes

James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

The very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Thank you for reading!!

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Alison (fantasticreads) | 419 comments Mod
Tahmina wrote: "How do I upload my reviews? Just copy and paste into here?"

There's guidance on UEL Plus, Tahmina.

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Alison (fantasticreads) | 419 comments Mod
Sadia wrote: "Oxford Reading Tree Stage 1+ Snapdragons Hello Grandma! by Leonie Bennett

Book Review: Hello grandma

This is a story about a young girl and her family who go on a trip to Pakistan to visit t..."

Hi Sadia, this review isn't on your profile. Please have a look at the Goodreads guidance on UEL Plus and copy and paste your comment review onto your profile.

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Steven Farmer | 13 comments Here are my reviews:

There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom

The Land of Counterpane

My First Gruffalo: Numbers

message 15: by Steven (new)

Steven Farmer | 13 comments And another one from me, on Window, by Jeannie Baker:


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Daniel | 3 comments Dear P6
Very many thanks to all of you contributing to this fabulous thread of reviews! It's really great to see so many, varied reviews being posted.
Let's try to get everyone from P6 involved though. Who hasn't yet...?
Keep up the outstanding work,

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Naomi | 7 comments Hi,
These are my 3 pre course reviews.

Peter & The Wolf By Sergei Prokofiev, Miguelanxo Prado, Ian Beck

Operation Eiffel Tower By Elen Caldecott

Frank N. Stein And The Great Green Garbage Monster By Ann Jungman

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Elicia L | 2 comments Dear P6,

You are working so hard that you have inspired me to post a review also. I have chosen The Red Tree by Shaun Tan.


Well done to all who have contributed so far. I am looking forward to reading the rest.

Best wishes,


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Daniel | 3 comments Here's my brief review of Cloud Tea Monkeys... Hopefully you'll be having a look at this magical story during English sessions this year.



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Alison (fantasticreads) | 419 comments Mod
Thanks, Elicia and Daniel- these are two favourites as well. We will be using Cloud Tea Monkeys, Daniel!

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Alison (fantasticreads) | 419 comments Mod
Niall wrote: "My 3 reviews:
Diary of a Whimpy Kid
You're a Disgrace Daisy

Here is your review for Wimpy Kid, Niall http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/...

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Alison (fantasticreads) | 419 comments Mod
Please feel free to review Beware Of Boys, P6. It would perhaps also be useful to think about the books that you're reviewing in the context of language comprehension- for example, could you ask children questions about character descriptions? Is there a strong repeated refrain to help children internalise patterns of language? Is there a clear structure to develop sequencing?

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Saffron | 10 comments Hello P6,

Here's another review:

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

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Nisha Patel | 14 comments Hi all,

Here are my three pre-course lit reviews

Not now Bernard!

King and King.

The Trouble with Dad...

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Alison (fantasticreads) | 419 comments Mod
http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/..., http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/... and http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/... are links to your reviews, Nisha.

I think that it's important to remember that many children will have gay family members, siblings, friends of families or parents. Many gay adults say that they knew that they were gay from a very young age (well before puberty, sometimes around 5 or 6), so while adults may like to think that children know nothing about homosexuality, this isn't the case.

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Kimberley | 12 comments Hi all,
This is my book review for Beware of boys.


message 29: by Alison (new)

Alison (fantasticreads) | 419 comments Mod
Kimberley wrote: "Hi all,
This is my book review for Beware of boys.


http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/... is the link to your review, rather than the book. Thanks Kimberley!

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Kitty | 15 comments Hi, here is my review for 'Six Geese A-laying' By Sophie Kinsella - a mini Christmas Short Story [Ebook]


message 31: by Kitty (new)

Kitty | 15 comments Hi, my review for 'Blue the Bird: On Flying'
by Becky Due.


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Alison (fantasticreads) | 419 comments Mod
Iram wrote: "Hey P6,

Here's my 6th review so far;

'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen


Lovely, Iram! It's great for music and D&T in KS1 too; designing and making instruments for sound effects to play along with the text.

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Alison (fantasticreads) | 419 comments Mod
Thank you, Kitty; two quite different books! Another great Christmas book is The Thirteen Days Of Christmas, telling the (imagined) story behind the Christmas song The Twelve Days of Christmas.

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Robert | 10 comments Hi all. Here is my review of "What Was It Like Before the Telephone?" by Paul Humphrey


message 36: by Alison (new)

Alison (fantasticreads) | 419 comments Mod
Robert wrote: "Here are also my pre-course reviews




Thanks Robert! I look forward to reading reviews of the books you find on placement!

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Kitty | 15 comments My review of 'River Story' by Meredith Hooper with particular reference as to how it can be used by crossing referencing it to the National Curriculum.


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Charlene | 5 comments Hi,
Here are the links to two of my reviews

Where the Wild Things Are


message 39: by Charlene (new)

Charlene | 5 comments Hi,

A review of Beware of Boys


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Saffron | 10 comments Hi,

Here's my review of 'No Breathing in Class' by Michael Rosen.


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Alison (fantasticreads) | 419 comments Mod
Fantastic reviews, P6! Good luck, and enjoy SBT1. I look forward to hearing about what you have read with your classes!

message 48: by Louise (new)

Louise Bunting | 17 comments Hi, this is my review of Look After Your Planet by Lauren Child.

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Alison (fantasticreads) | 419 comments Mod
Thanks, Louise. Some lovely reviews. I've posted links to a Guardian books podcast and Radio 4 programme with David Almond, which might interest you. Have you read the companion book to Skellig, My Name is Mina? It's beautiful.

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Kimberley | 12 comments Hi,
This is my book review on You Choose by Pippa Goodheart

and this is my book review for What Are Clouds Made Of? And Other Questions About The World Around Us by Geraldine Taylor

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