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"God's will for us is to have..."

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Barbara Boyer (barbara_boyer) | 34 comments Mod
"God's will for us is to have peace, joy, fulfillment and love. Whatever that is for us, that is what He wants for us. Remember, He knows our hearts. Do we?" Courage of Fear

That's right folks, I am a Jungian. Maybe that is so because Freud was hooked on cocaine and penis'. Maybe because through practice it was my experience that success follows those who followed Jung's teachings and beliefs. Who knows? It was a sad day for Sigmund when Carl went his own way. But boy am I glad he did. If you read about Jung's upbringing many of his beliefs truly do unfold there, as true this happens with everyone. Anyway Jung believed that people needed to connect to a moral standard (a Higher Power) to overcome and achieve (that is me paraphrasing for the sake of simplicity.) Despite any wishy-washy game of chance (as I believe psychology to be), his philosophy works; plain and simple.

Now, whether folks want to see that Higher Power as a Higher Sense of Self, God, Creator, Christ, Buddha, whatever. . . once they connect things begin to happen. Don't bother asking me why. I do not have an answer. I just know it to be true. I have just seen it happen over and over and over again. That is all the proof I need. It is like electricity. I do not NOT turn things on in my house (like lights, microwave, coffee pot, tv, etc) till I figure out how those two atoms (the negative and positive) unite together somewhere to finally get to that particular appliance before I turn the bloody thing on (I don't live in the dark, I just flip the switch.) No. I just turn it on. Hence the same is true with my connection to what Jung called this Higher Power.

As many of you already know I used to work as a counselor. I did so for many years. It wasn't really a job as a way of life. I didn't choose it. It chose me. Don't ask me why, because like the above I have no idea. As many of you also know I will be the first to shout out, don't follow me. However, I firmly believe, through my own experience and participating in the experience of others, that if you tap into this Jungian philosophy things begin to change... and change for the better. And, quite frankly, that is the only part of how this thing works this feel-good junkie needs as an answer.

Walking hand-in-hand with folks on their life's path, after they get a certain distance they begin to take on this belief that certain events are the Will of this Higher Power, or Greater Source. They will say things to me like, "I know this relationship is God's Will because that guy is in my life." or "I know it is what my Creator wants for me because I got this job." . . . all the while being slapped around by the guy or verbally abused at the office. This is when I just raise my eyebrows and smile.

"What?" they will generally ask from me.

I respond, "Sweetheart, God wants you to have peace, joy, fulfillment and love. Whatever that is for you. That is what God wants for you. That is God's will. God knows your heart. Do you?"

"What do you mean?" is generally what follows next.

"I believe God knew you before this phase of your physical life. He created you. Every aspect of you was built with this premise of your goals for yourself. Somewhere along the way, in this world, you have forgotten. Survival took over. Your Creator has not forgotten. He knows your heart. Now it is time for you to search that out... what is in your heart? And then you will know God's will for you.
When you are still and quiet you can question: does this bring me peace? Does this bring me love? Does this bring me joy? If you heart says yes it really does, then you have God's Will."

Then they generally respond with some half-assed comment like, "Are you telling me I should break up with the guy or quit my job?"

And I respond, "No, I am telling you to know your heart. Whatever that is for you."

Cause lets face it, my humanism says buy a gun... joking.

That's where this quote comes from in Courage of Fear. Enjoy.

As always, have a grand day folks!

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deZengo (sacredspace) | 1 comments Great feedback! As I was hustling and bustling looking for another book review I say your post title and decided to stop by.

I tend to agree that God (by whatever name called) wants us to reach our full potential and in doing so we attain peace / bliss / self love etc...

One cannot say I love myself and then go eat a box of twinkees because we already know that stuff kills, clogs arteries, increases daily sugar intake by most likely hundreds of percent.

I would think that with all the tools, resources and information that God would delight in our ability to use each other to complete our own journey toward divine bliss & peace.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on what seeking GO(o)D might resemble - and it certainly does not reflect images of verbal/physical/mental abuse being accepted or desired life patterns. I believe we have been presented with tools throughout the ages :: yoga - natural healing - wisdom to be shared one with another.

Blessings to you and your writing.

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Barbara Boyer (barbara_boyer) | 34 comments Mod

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