The Stones of Summer The Stones of Summer question

Should I stick with it?
Lisa Ahronian Lisa Sep 12, 2012 01:31PM
Just started reading The Stones of Summer and I'm having trouble with the author's style of writing. Should I stick with it? Will the book be worth it in the end?

I have never read anything like this book. His style is unique and obfuscates some details so as to engage the reader in the story, but I imagine the overall tone reflects the confusion of the times about and in which it was written. I think this is a deliberate choice rather than being self-indulgent as others seem to think. This is my fourth time reading this book, so I obviously think it is worth the more difficult, even obtuse, passages. To be honest, it was only on my last reading that I realized what happens to Dawes. Maybe that is a testimony to how disorienting the novel can be, but also to the sense of rapture that Mossman evokes.

it's not worth it. This guys writting style is a joke. The only person who would say they liked this book are only saying so because some jackass scholar said it was intelligent. If its not interesting or fun why read it?

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