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message 1: by Mel (last edited Sep 12, 2012 12:28PM) (new)

Mel | 2373 comments Mod
{Sells ice cream of varying flavors. There's cute little tables inside and outside. A place to...chill. XD}

message 2: by ѕтαяк (new)

ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 115 comments phoenix open the door. A little bell attached to the door rang as she entered. A girl stood at the register. the place was mostly empty, save a few people sitting together I walk up to the register girl, who couldn't have been more than 15 years old. "Cookie dough, please" Phoenix took her ice cream (which was surpassingly better that the ones in her hometown and walked out.

message 3: by wanderer (new)

wanderer (chloemai) "Ah Avis" the waiter greeted her withs bow of his head.
"Ready to take advantage of you all free experience. Hmm?" he said looking at her and then at Onyx.
"And this guy here is..?" he questioned.
"My boyfriend Onyx." Avis replied almost gleefully. The waiter nodded again.
"Do you want an inside table or an outside one?" he questioned.
Avis looked up st Onyx.
"Where would you like to sit." she asked him with a smile.

message 4: by Mel (new)

Mel | 2373 comments Mod
"How about outside?"

message 5: by wanderer (new)

wanderer (chloemai) She nodded.
"Outside please Don." she said. They were led to a small 2 sweater table and Avis placed her bags down sitting in her chair and making herself comfortable. She didn't even need to look at the menu to know what she would want. She looked at Onyx.
"So what kind of thing are you gonna have?" she asked her pretty eyes seeming to glimmer in the sunlight.

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wanderer (chloemai) ((You there?))

message 7: by Mel (new)

Mel | 2373 comments Mod
"Geez, I don't remember the last time I ate ice cream," he said, chuckling. "Um...I think just vanilla."

message 8: by wanderer (new)

wanderer (chloemai) She smiled.
"The vanilla here is awesome. I've tried every flavour." she said proudly before continuing.
"But my heart lies with chocolate." she said, hand to her chest. The waiter, Don strode to the table.
"What can I get you both?" he asked. He had already written down chocolate and was just wanting the boys choice of ice cream.
"Could I have a chocolate and vanilla please?" Avis asked politely. Don nodded and went in his way. Avis looked back at Onyx.
"This is a great first date." she said the corner of her mouth upturned slightly.

message 9: by Mel (new)

Mel | 2373 comments Mod
Onyx laughed. "Yes, yes it is."

message 10: by wanderer (new)

wanderer (chloemai) Avis decided that she would give him his present now.
"I..Uh..I got you something earlier in the shop.." she reached down picking the art set out of the bag, placing it on the table and pushing it towards him. She had remembered to take the price tag off, something that usually escaped her mind.
"I hope you like it.. But you don't have to. I can always take it back if you want." her voice had become slightly quieter and she hoped with all her might that he liked it. She looked at him expectantly to watch his reaction.

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wanderer (chloemai) ((You there?))

message 12: by wanderer (new)

wanderer (chloemai) ((?))

message 13: by Mel (new)

Mel | 2373 comments Mod
Onyx smiled widely, taking the lid off the pretty wooden box. The paintbrushes had soft, delicate bristles, the paint came in many beautiful colors. The paper was a pleasant shade of grey-white, and smelled of old books. His eyes softened as he took out a lump of charcoal. He rolled it around in his hands, gently. "My mother used this all the time in her art. She'd sketch the prettiest things in the the margins of our books and..." He leaned in and kissed her on the lips passionately, not caring if anyone was watching. "Thank you, love," he murmured. "It's amazing."

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wanderer (chloemai) She smiled as he took in the arts box and then kissed him hard back meeting his passion with just as much fire of her own a slight blush tinting her cheeks again
"Im glad you like it." his wonder and amazement was worth the small sacrifice of some jewelry that she could get another time, if she really wanted it she would just have to get herself a job. But for now she put the thought put of her mind.
"I'd love to see some of your drawings." she whispered softly. She had a glow about her. She felt as if she was on top of the world.

message 15: by Mel (new)

Mel | 2373 comments Mod
He chuckled softly. "So would I. They all were either left behind in my hurry or burned."

message 16: by wanderer (new)

wanderer (chloemai) "Well you'll have to create some new ones then. Almost like a new start. Imagine this place, the academy. Is a clean slate. Nothing in the past matters anymore. The world is at your fingertips and your life is now a fresh canvas waiting to be painted with the memory's that you'll create."
She smiled ever so slightly.
"Thats what I'm trying to do. I'm gonna put the past behind me. This is my new life. And so far I'm enjoying it. " she gazed at him lovingly.

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Mel | 2373 comments Mod
"As am I," he said, tracing her jaw line lightly with his finger.

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wanderer (chloemai) She smiled at him softly, running her finger across his scar again, a habit she was beginning to get in to.
"I love you." she whispered, the words barely escaping her lips. But they seemed to have a strength behind them.

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Mel | 2373 comments Mod
"I love you," he whispered back, closing his eyes as her finger ran down his scar.

message 20: by Mel (new)

Mel | 2373 comments Mod
{Gotta go. I'll be on after school tomorrow. ;) }

message 21: by wanderer (new)

wanderer (chloemai) A ghost of a smile travelled across her lips. She leaned toward while his eyes were closed and laid a gentle whisper of a kiss on his lips.
"What should will we do in the future Onyx? When we have to leave the Academy. What then?" she asked

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wanderer (chloemai) ((Ok :3))

message 23: by wanderer (new)

wanderer (chloemai) ((You on?))

message 24: by Mel (new)

Mel | 2373 comments Mod
"I don't know. We could find some nice place here to stay. Or we could travel. I don't care where I go as long as I have you." He reached for her hands and stroked them softly.

message 25: by wanderer (new)

wanderer (chloemai) She smiled.
"I would love to do either. But again I'd have to be with you." she smiled and planted another kiss on his lips before the ice creams arrived. Her face instantly lit up as she saw the chocolate and Don nodded before handing each of there to them. Avis instantly got stuck in her mouth watering as the sweet taste invaded her senses

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Onyx spooned his ice cream repeatedly into his mouth, practically breathing it in. "God, I'm starving," he mumbled in between mouthfuls.

message 27: by wanderer (new)

wanderer (chloemai) She smiled.
"I have 5 chocolate bars to eat when we get back to the dorms." she said happily, wolfing down her ice cream.
"So do you like it then?" she asked in between mouthfuls.

message 28: by Mel (new)

Mel | 2373 comments Mod
"Yes," he said, grinning. "It's better than I remembered."

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wanderer (chloemai) "And the best part is you can buy tubs of it. And since it's everything goes free day for me Im gonna get a lot." she said with a smile. She poked down to see most of it was almost gone and pouted slightly, but ate the rest all the same. Her face was a mess with chocolate ice cream all around her mouth and even a few bits on her cheeks and finally a small spatter on the tip of her nose.

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Mel | 2373 comments Mod
Onyx chuckled, grabbing a napkin and dabbing at her face.

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wanderer (chloemai) She laughed slightly.
"Messy as per usual." she said her eyes glittering slightly.

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Mel | 2373 comments Mod
"No, just a girl enjoying her ice cream." He smiled.

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wanderer (chloemai) She smiled.
"Yea,but I think when it comes to chocolate I.. Go a little overboard." she said with a smile. Brushing some hair out of her face.

message 34: by Mel (new)

Mel | 2373 comments Mod
{What should our lovely charries do now? ;) }

message 35: by wanderer (new)

wanderer (chloemai) ((Should they have an argument but make up or something like that, but what would the fight be about?))

message 36: by Mel (new)

Mel | 2373 comments Mod
{I have no idea...}

message 37: by wanderer (new)

wanderer (chloemai) ((Maybe a silly thing like getting the art set instead of the necklace?))

message 38: by Mel (new)

Mel | 2373 comments Mod
{Hmm...Dunno. Avis doesn't seem like the kind of person who would bring that up, because she knows it would make him feel guilty. What if they...went on a hike in the forest or something? They could get attacked by an animal or something...}

message 39: by wanderer (new)

wanderer (chloemai) ((Yea I guess :3 how do you wanna end the time here, or should we just skip to he next day?))

message 40: by Mel (new)

Mel | 2373 comments Mod
{End the time here.}

Onyx looked up from his empty bowl of ice cream. "It's quite a nice day. Would you like to take a walk in the forest now?"

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wanderer (chloemai) "Sure" she said with a smile.
"Let me just go get some free tubs of that ice cream, I'll get you some as well." she said scurrying off and returning about 10 minutes later her satchel full to the brim with ice cream tubs.
"I couldn't fit anymore in." she said pouting ever so slightly and taking his hand.

message 42: by Mel (new)

Mel | 2373 comments Mod
He laughed, kissing her on the forehead. "Let's go."

message 43: by wanderer (new)

wanderer (chloemai) She nodded and followed him.
((RP in the forest? You can comment first :3))

message 44: by ѕтαяк (new)

ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 115 comments A small girl with bright purple hair and silver eyes walked in eyeing everyone in the store, checking for anything dangerous

Call Me Dangerous ~*Your Personal Sin*~ (azali) | 2979 comments Alyss skipped in, giggling.

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) Blane smiles and guides her to a booth.

Call Me Dangerous ~*Your Personal Sin*~ (azali) | 2979 comments Sitting, she swings her legs and turns into a 16 year old again.

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) Blane gets Vanilla, and asks Alyss what she wants.

Call Me Dangerous ~*Your Personal Sin*~ (azali) | 2979 comments "Chocolate with chocolate stuff on it... and extra chocolate!"

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) Blane repeated the order, and got a giant chocolate with chocolate sauce with chocolate chips. He gave it to Alyss.

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