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message 1: by Gabe (last edited Sep 12, 2012 12:19PM) (new)

Gabe | 5 comments I've always liked the types of movies where characters are unwillingly thrust into new cultures that they don't understand (like Avatar, The Last Samurai, Dances with Wolves, etc.) where the character starts with one opinion about a people and it is drastically changed by spending some time with them, but I have never really read a book following this sort of story. I know that these are usually pretty predictable, so that's okay.
I would like for it to have pretty strong character development, so I can get an emotional connection, but not be too slow paced.
Thanks to anyone who has any suggestions!

message 2: by Gabe (new)

Gabe | 5 comments And it can be YA or adult, I don't care either way!

message 3: by Peter (new)

Peter (peteepie) | 64 comments Shōgun is very "Last Samurai"

though I would prefer Lost Horizon, which I haven't read for a long, long time, but have fond memories of.

message 4: by Tuck (new)

Tuck | 184 comments here's a fascinating look at 1820's china, english colonialism, indians, and more cultural immersio0n than you can export/import opium with , er......River of Smoke

message 5: by Gabe (new)

Gabe | 5 comments Thanks, guys! I've added all of these to my to read shelf! I saw that River of Smoke and Shogun are both the second book in a series. Should I/do I need to read the first one first?

message 6: by Robert (new)

Robert Davis (robert_davis) | 15 comments This has been hard for me. I've been thinking it over, looking at the books on my own shelves, and I cannot think of a really good one. The best that comes to mind is Dune. He is dumped onto a new and hostile planet, ignorant of the people and their customs, but grows to become their leader.

message 7: by Peter (new)

Peter (peteepie) | 64 comments Hi Gabe. Shogun was the third novel in James Clavell's Asian series, however each of the six novels was based in a different country with completely different characters. The only other one I've read was King Rat, which was his first novel based in Changi Prison, and that was a great book too. Shogun is totally "stand alone". Cheers.

message 8: by Tuck (new)

Tuck | 184 comments Gabe wrote: "Thanks, guys! I've added all of these to my to read shelf! I saw that River of Smoke and Shogun are both the second book in a series. Should I/do I need to read the first one first?"
don't have to read ghosh's first of these "sea of poppies" though it is VERY good too. river of smoke is stand alone too. double duty

Sea of Poppies

message 9: by Juan (last edited Sep 20, 2012 09:56AM) (new)

Juan (juan_murillo) Among the Dangs, by George Eliott is a great story about this, great, great story.

Along these lines (and I´m pretty sure there are plenty more like this about the South Pacific) there is Typee, Omoo, Mardi by Herman Melville

message 10: by Katie (new)

Katie (hibi) | 31 comments Hm, I don't remember, someone can correct me if I am wrong but I believe A Door Into Ocean fits.

message 11: by karen, future RA queen (new)

karen (karenbrissette) | 1315 comments Mod
i think Shantaram would be a good match. it isn't really about replacing preconceived notions of a people, but it is definitely about cultural immersion, in a variety of segments of india's population.

message 12: by scherzo♫ (last edited Sep 26, 2012 08:25PM) (new)

scherzo♫ (pjreads) | 36 comments Unwillingly thrust into fascinating new cultures:
Harry Harrison's West of Eden trilogy - first book is West of Eden
Several of C.J. Cherryh's books have variations on this theme, especially Forty Thousand in Gehenna

Thrust into fascinating new cultures for a range of motives:
The Left Hand of Darkness
Dan Simmons Hyperion Cantos series - first book is Hyperion
Speaker for the Dead

message 13: by Owen (new)

Owen | 12 comments Inside Out & Back Again by Thanhha Lai is a good book told in verse and it is YA/MG.

message 14: by peg (new)

peg (mcicutti) | 79 comments One Thousand White Women by Fergus is about white women who were married off to Native Anerican men and were forced into Native American culture.

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