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Thomas Watson | 78 comments The Luck of Han'anga - War of the Second Iteration, Book One

The Human Commonwealth of Worlds had colonized their small corner of the galaxy for almost four centuries before an intelligent non-human species was encountered. During that time hundreds of stellar systems were settled in an effort to spread life out into the Great Void, creating a thriving culture shared by flesh and blood people and machine minds known as Artificials, vast intellects that opened the way to the stars for the Human species. The economics of scarcity and want are ancient history, and illness and old age have been banished. The Commonwealth is a civilization at peace with itself, but it is all Humanity knows.

Like many citizens of the Commonwealth, the crew of the probeship William Bartram has come to believe Humanity is alone in the galaxy. Then they meet the Leyra'an. In that encounter they find an unsettling mystery, for the Leyra'an are so similar to Humans that it defies both science and belief.

But before the crew of the probeship can investigate this mystery, there is a darker and far more dangerous matter before them. Someone else met the Leyra'an first, and started a war.

The War of the Second Iteration depicts a future in which economics as we know it has come to an end, and Human civilization pursues other priorities. The Great Age of Changes – in which we now live – has long since become something like an asymptotic curve, along which change, both technological and social, comes gradually, slowed in part by the length of time required for a change to spread through the vastness of Human civilization. Humanity spreads steadily outward from star to star, colonizing star systems and bringing life to lifeless places, while preserving native life when they find it. These goals are shared by Humans and the descendants of artificial intelligence, beings known simply as the Artificials. This is the beginning of the story of how this long, quiet episode in the history of the Human species comes to a sudden end, and how Humanity and its allies fight to defend what they have become, and what they hope one day to be.

This is my first novel, and is available from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble as an ebook:

It is also available through Amazon in paperback:

I look forward to your reviews and feedback. Feel free to "friend" me here on Goodreads, or find me on Facebook.


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Thomas Watson | 78 comments You can find me on Facebook (look for the Thomas Watson showing Luck of Han'anga cover art) and on Twitter:


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Thomas Watson | 78 comments A sample of The Luck of Han'anga is now available on Goodreads.

The Luck of Han'anga

Click the "Read Book" button to check it out.

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Thomas Watson | 78 comments A Goodreads giveway is in progress for The Luck of Han'anga. Five signed copies are up for grabs.

Go here to enter:

Luck of Han'anga

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Thomas Watson | 78 comments Free short story.

"Long Time Passing" is a short story set in the Second Iteration universe of my novel The Luck of Han'anga.

This story is available for free for most ereaders.

Long Time Passing

Long Time Passing - Kindle

Long Time Passing - iTunes

Long Time Passing - Sony

Long Time Passing - Kobo

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Thomas Watson | 78 comments Book Two of the War of the Second Iteration - Founders' Effect - is in the process of revision and proof reading. The plan is to have it available on or before (well, more likely "on") New Year's Day.

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Thomas Watson | 78 comments The third book of the series will be out sometime in late 2013. A more precise date will be determined and posted when I have beta reader feedback and begin the revision process. Watch this space... ;-)

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Thomas Watson | 78 comments I can tell you The Luck of Han'anga is a book worth reading, but there's no need to take my word for it.


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Thomas Watson | 78 comments “Our last voyages scarred us all,” said Holm. “Dark journeys they were, whichever ship bore you, full of fear and death. You have found healing here. And love. Is it so strange that you would be reluctant to travel again?” He placed his broad hand against the side of her head as he had done with Robert, though he held it there longer. “I think not, eli’sana.”

A tiny bit of The Plight of the Eli'ahtna, War of the Second Iteration, Book Three. It exists now as a draft, on its way to beta readers. It will be a while before I have it back, have worked revisions and sent it through my proof reader/copy editor. So... plenty of time for you to catch up! ;-)

The Luck of Han'anga (War of the Second Iteration, #1) by Thomas Watson Founders' Effect (War of the Second Iteration, Book Two) by Thomas Watson

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Thomas Watson | 78 comments Book Three, The Plight of the Eli'ahtna, is now in the hands of beta readers. Still on track for release in autumn 2013.

Not sure these stories will suit you? Waiting for the series to be completed before you start? Visit the universe of the Second Iteration with this free short story.

Long Time Passing

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Thomas Watson | 78 comments This June 11th review of The Luck of Han'anga certainly is enthusiastic!

Amazon Reviews

The other reviews aren't bad, either. ;-)

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Thomas Watson | 78 comments A scene surely repeated a million times in the Commonwealth, as the historic news spread from one settled star system to the next, inward all the way to Earth...

“Have you heard?” she asked. The crowded café around them was buzzing with excited conversation, all of it on the same topic, but she asked all the same. “About the Contact?”
“Are you joking? It's all anyone's talking about, anywhere!”
“You've seen the images, too?”
“Yes!” he replied. “Mother of Life, they even LOOK like people.”
“So human,” she said, her eyes wide with wonder. “What are the odds?”
“Got to be long odds against that sort of thing, but there they are!”
“There they are! At long last! But, hey,” and she frowned at him. “Why the worried look?”
“The latest bulletin is kind of... unsettling,” he replied.
“I thought I'd heard the latest,” she said.
“This hit the net just a few moments ago. Seems these people - they call themselves the Leyra'an - aren't alone out there!”
“What? You mean there’s . . .”
“That's the unsettling part,” he said, not letting her finish. “Seems the Leyra'an have met... well... You’re not going to believe this!”

The Luck of Han'anga

Founders' Effect

And in late 2013, The Plight of the Eli'ahtna, Book Three of the War of the Second Iteration...

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Thomas Watson | 78 comments Another 5 star review for The Luck of Han'anga. (Dated 7/22/13.)


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Thomas Watson | 78 comments I have a giveaway in progress here on Goodreads. Three pairs of The Luck of Han'anga and Founders' Effect are available. They'll be signed by the author, of course. It runs through the end of August. Check here for more details:

Founders' Effect Founders' Effect by Thomas Watson

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Thomas Watson | 78 comments One day left for the giveaway posted above!

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Thomas Watson | 78 comments The inner airlock hatch cycled and the tone sounded indicating it was safe to open it. At least, it was safe to do so under ordinary circumstances. John made no move abort the airlock sequence, and allowed the hatch to open. In the dimly lit space beyond, John saw a large shape moving.

He and Wirolen floated in the central compartment together, no more than two meters from the airlock. On either side of the lock were equipment and EVA suit lockers, one of which was hanging open. John glanced at Wirolen, who held her weapon steadily, her attention fixed on the airlock. They were warriors standing their ground, but John knew a fight would be pointless. If these beings were hostile, they were finished.

Were they being rescued? Or – something else?

A snippet from the forthcoming Plight of the Eli'ahtna, War of the Second Iteration, Book Three.

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Thomas Watson | 78 comments The third book in the series is coming together nicely. Here's another sample:

So they followed the Hroom, matching the movements and pace of the larger, slower species to avoid collisions. In places they found themselves at a loss for come-alongs or push points, and would have drifted helplessly, had the nearest Hroom not provided gentle nudges, or simply taken an arm and brought them along. It was a source of amazement that those huge, warm hands could be so gentle. They left the ship by way of a tunnel, which John assumed was a component of the huge black docking mechanism. At the end of the tunnel they entered a black and white room; they might have been back in the ship, or in another like it, for all John could tell.
"It is a lift, I think," said Wirolen as she looked around. "See how they arrange themselves?"
"Yes," John replied. "All feet pointing the same way." He twisted himself around to do the same, and saw Wirolen follow suit. Horga watched them maneuver and gave them the thumbs up.
"A most useful gesture," Wirolen said.
"So long as every species we encounter has thumbs," John said, "we should be okay." As Wirolen laughed a low grumbling sound emanated from the ten Hroom in the lift with them. "I guess they get the joke, too."
"There is amusement," Horga said. "Humor is understood."
"That's convenient," John said.
"It is," Horga agreed. "Also hopeful."

From the forthcoming Plight of the Eli'ahtna
War of the Second Iteration, Book Three

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Thomas Watson | 78 comments "This is a good place to be," Robert said, looking around. Glancing up, he looked quickly away from the long central fusion lamp that lit the habitat. The lamp was dimming, but was still too bright to stare at.
"Yes," Ersha replied. He breathed deeply of air faintly scented by lilac, the blossoms of worish lacking in perfume. "This is home," he said more quietly.
"Melep says things like that," Robert said, with a glance toward Ersha as they walked. "The thought of leaving here, for any reason or amount of time, doesn't set well with her."
Ersha did not respond immediately. The stream beside them slowed and became broader, and patches of tall cattails screened parts of it. There were ducks on the water, noisy mallards arguing amongst themselves as they foraged between the cattails.
"I do not mean to leave this place either," Ersha said. "Oh, I'll go to Serch'nach as needed. But my voyaging aboard Han'anga . . . No, I have no desire for such things these days." He patted Robert's arm. "You see, par'adnan, for all that your Commonwealth medicine has rendered me physically young, my mind and heart feel the weight of the years. When the Bartram Protocol is signed and implemented, in whatever form, I intend to retire from public life. I am worn away by the burden of lives for which I was responsible, lives that ended too soon. I am weary, here," and he touched his chest. "I need to rest."

From the forthcoming Plight of the Eli'ahtna, Book Three of the War of the Second Iteration.

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