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Silver ((I LOVE doing these..... basically each person writes a paragraph to the story.))

I walked through a dark world. There was no sky, there was no floor. And yet I walked, did not fly. Suddenly there came a shout. I turned and saw some men chasing a unicorn. I knew I was about to be drawn into this time period. Sure enough, the forest appeared out of nowhere. And I was in it. The men and the unicorn were nowhere to be seen, so I headed towards the sounds of people's voices. I looked aroudn longingly for the face I searched for everywhere. And I saw it. It was Thalia, the other traveler of the Dark. She glanced up and saw me. "Artemis!" she yelled. I smiled at my old friend. "How are you?" asked Thalia. "I haven't seen you in..." she had to think about that.

"Negative 5,468 years," I told her. She smiled. "Does this mean we can return to the future?" she asked. "I can try... I may only be able to send you there, though."
"Then let us both stay here, if you cannot send us both to the future. You're like a sister to me," said Thalia.
"To send us to the future, I could get the help of some unicorns-"

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Thalia glanced over the shoulder,"If you can . . ." her voice trailed off. I looked at her,"What's wrong?" I asked anxiously.
"Nothing!" Thalia replied quickley,"Nothing at all,it's just. . ." I stared at her intensly.

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Silver Thalia's form wavered. "I'm- I'm-"

I grabbed onto her as we both dissapeared into the Darkness. A force greater than gravity was pulling us apart. We couldn't hang on much longer, when suddenly, it stopped. I had anchored Thalia back to our time period. "We need to find some unicorns, and soon," I said.

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Thalia nodded,shivering slightly. I ran over to a glade a where a rather large unicorn was standing. He gazed at me fiercley before lowering his horn in aggresion. Hello? I called to him, Please,we need your help!
He looked at her before replying,Why?

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Silver Thalia followed me uncertainly. We need to get back to where we belong, but we can't do it alone, I said.

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I looked at the unicorn,waiting.
What's in it for me?" he asked. I was horrifyed,weren't unicorns kindly helpful animals? This was . . .so wrong somehow. I looked at Thalia uncertainly.
Well? said the unicorn.

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Silver Thalia took a step foward. Either you take us back to the future- and you can come, too, and get away from the hunters- or we hunt you ourselves. I'm sure you know ARTEMIS would be able to find you!

The unicorn took a step back. THE Artemis!?!? he asked. The one and only. answered Thalia. I was surprised she had gotten much better at lying over the years. And the unicorn obviously didn't know much about their Greek mythology. The legendary goddess, Artemis, would never harm a unicorn.

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Soumya (( ooh, could I jump in as well??))

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Silver ((Sure! Can you tell I've been reading too much Greek Mythology lately? The same thing happened when I read Artemis Fowl... And Brisingr... And Harry Potter...))

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Soumya The unicorn was suprized, but bowed down to me. I nervously looked at it. The unicorn stood back up and asked, Now, why do you wish to go back to the future?

Thalia spoke, There's a problem, and we need to get back into the future. I just stood there silently.

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Silver ((surprized... I like that :) ))

Wait a minute, you're FROM the future!? thought the Unicorn.

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Silver ((sorry, I had to go to the orthodontist office and then group class and I strained my arch or something and my foot really hurts and I really don't want to wear high heels today so now my mom's threatening to send my shoes back and I think they're my only birthday present from my parents... maybe my foot will go back to normal soon... I was just sitting on the floor and it like attacked me... Usually I'm doing something like climbing out of a swimming pool when this happens... anyway I have an orchestra concert this afternoon that I'm really nervous about... and I should probably just be quiet now...))

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Thalia shifted uneasily,Uh,yeah . . . she answered.

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Soumya I didn't know what to do or say. I just let Thalia talk.

How do I know for sure that you're telling the truth? The unicorn thought.

Thalia knew she was telling the truth but didn't have any proof. She said, I've been there before. I've had access to the future. Please, let us through.

She's telling the truth, I finally said sticking up for Thalia. There was no time, and Thalia and I needed to get into the future.

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((I'm back, whoever deleted me.))

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Soumya (( Someone deleted you? Oh, I didn't notice that.

I deleted myself in one group, well I did it on purpose, but I wanted to try to get back in but it didn't allow me to do so.))

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((I got "accidently" deleted by my own cousin and now she wants me back.To bad I don't know how . . .))

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Dibily Do ((can we get back to the story now?))

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Silver Hah! as if I'll believe you, the unicorn snorted. Suddenly, everything seemed to dissapear. Thalia must have sensed it too, because we clutched each other, fighting gravity, as we spun into the future. That's when the unicorn realized we were telling the truth. A white light guided us to our own time, and suddenly we were stripped of powers. We would never time travel again.

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Thalia looked at me eyes wide. "Never again . . .?" she whispered the words,voice heavy with sorrow. "Never again,"I said. Suddenly Thalia gasped and pointed. I looked at her. What was wrong? suddenly I heard a snort behind me. The unicorn was standing behind me. He was looking around confused,I am Dykan, son of Gannan! he roared at me,What have you done!?,/i>

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Silver "I have done nothing," I said. "I asked you to help us, and you refused. Then you decided to help us without asking us how first. It is no fault of ours that you have followed us here."

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Dykan narroed his eyes at me. Puny human . . . he growled in anger.

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Soumya That's why you should have not refused, Thalia said, You deserve it.

I looked around confused. I didn't exactly know where we were at first.

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Dykan turned his fierce gaze to Thaia,Where are we anyway?,/i> he asked,pawing the ground.

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Soumya Thalia looked around, Uh......

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Silver I shrugged and walked off, thinking. Wondering where Apollo was.

((Let's make Apollo her brother... they had crazy parents who named them Artemis and Apollo))

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Apollo suddenly bounded up beside them.((where are they exactlly,would they have a sword,gun,or . . .dunno,ray gun?))

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Soumya Thalia followed.

" Hi," I said to Apollo.

" So what are you guys doing here?" Apollo asked.

" And exactly where are we?" Thalia asked.

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Silver ((2009))

I shrugged. I had no idea.

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Dykan looked around and muttered something to himself,eyes wide with awe.
"What was that?" I asked suspicously.
"England," he breathed,"We're in England."
I looked around and gasped,it was England!
Thalia looked around nervously,"We have to find a place to hide," she whispered,"A unicorn in England won't go unnoticed for long."

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Just then a small boy came out of a fish and chips((yum . . .)) stall and promptly dropped his meal on sight of Dykan.
"MOMMY! There's a pony with a thingy sticking out of its head!!!"
"Shut up,Edward,"someone replied.

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Mallory (malloryrose17) "Jonathan, that's no way to treat your younger brother," The mother - or who seemed to be the mother - said, patiently.

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The younger boy burst into tears,"JONATHAN HIT ME!!!! There IS too a pony wif a thingy sticking out of his head!"
"Shut up brat. You're so stupid! Little crybably!" came another voice.

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Silver ((three new?? *cries*))

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