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Jamie's healing
Sarq Sarq Sep 12, 2012 07:37AM
I still don't quite get how Jamie healed in the end. I was all sad and sure he would die - Gabaldon certainly made me almost cry and im mot easily fooled usually, what a twist. Anyway, it doesn't quite sit with me that Claire got the almost dead man rummaging around the room and suddenly he's all better in the morning.
Given that otherwise the book doesnt contain much supernatural stuff - apart from the stone circle - the miracle turning point in Jamie's health just with some opium smoke doesnt feel right.

Jamie was fighting his inner demons in that scene. This is explained in more detail in Dragonfly in Amber. Claire literally pulled Jamie back from the brink of self-destruction. Claire had to be stronger than Jamie's inner demons. Claire gave Jamie back is will to live and fight for another day. I cried so hard at the ending in Dragonfly in Amber. Planning on reading Voyager later this month.

I love this scene. Jamie is battling his inner beings. I other scenes maybe even one immediately following? He says, (I'm paraphrasing) "There is a part of each person
that is safe and strong and is ourselves that we don't show anyone else. Randall exposed that person and hurt him." When Claire asks if he is alright,he says" That little person has a small shelter built now, instead of being laid bare and whimpering." She affects the beginning of internal healing in the opium scene. All good physicians look at the whole patient and she is definitely a good physician. Very moving part of this book, and this relationship which the entire series is based on. Love it!

I thought it was that she played the part of Randal without the sexual assault (to replace the association with just violence instead of sexual violence and remove her from it completely.)
She also got him angry and to fight back to try and save his own life instead of just giving up like he had been prepared to do.

Really, that doesn't seem like a thing that would work, but I could buy it as a story line.


I feel like that whole thing was a copout.

I was so confused as well, that I googled it. Fighting his demons...that makes sense, I guess. But it's such a bizarre way to do it. Did they end up having sex? That was insinuated right? Why would his penis be hard from fighting the imagery of Randall? Why would he end up having sex with ClaireRandall? How the hell did he fight when he was so sick and injured? What the heck was with that soul/spirit thing that she took with her into the room and gave her the idea to recreate Randall? What was with that water and clearing her head? She summoned a ghost? What were those voices? I'm so confused. (p.s. I haven't finished the book. I'm just at the part where he no longer has a fever and is all healed because of this crazy "demon fighting" thing)


Meghan Beverly It's the testosterone and adrenaline surge that caused his erection. The blood flow gets sped up from the increased heart rate and that's one of the s ...more
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Battle erections are not uncommon, apparently an involuntary reaction to adrenalin and elevated heart rate.

I agree. I think that his healing was mostly do his helpless feeling that he did nothing about it. He did not want anyone to touch him. He was experiencing PTSD and was not coming out of it. When Claire went in and smelled like Black Jack Randall his sense of smell took him back to the place and time giving him the chance to fight. Research shows that smell is the most discrimminating of the sense when it comes to memories.

His health didn't return miraculously.He still spent a long while convalescing. What was healed was his desire to live. His physical injuries weren't life-threatening, but his mental state made him in danger of dying.

Once that hopelessness was taken away and replaced with a desire to live, his healing could begin.

Jeni Also, in the second book, he still has some issues with the injuries. The only healing Claire effected was the WILL to live in Jamie.
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i still haven't finished reading the whole series i just started the echo in the bone i so far im loving it

He was never really all better. Not in the morning and not for several years. That night just broke the associations so he could learn to at least cope with what happened and become a functioning human again. It really was quite brave (and a little stupid) of Claire to have done that for him. He could have very easily killed her if she made a mistake and he got his hands on her.

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