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What I didn't like about this book! SPOILERS

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FallingAngels Don't get me wrong! I loved it! This is one of my all-time favorite novels. But there were two things I didn't get. One was, why Tori ust didn't give Tris another simulation/test to narrow down her choices even more? And two, what does having more than one faction have to do with being able to control a simulation? Thoughts?

Melody I might be wrong but this is my reasoning:

1. Tori couldn't give Tris another simulation because the many of the officials would of found out as the Euridite's are reported about the simulations, they would have found out about the second simulation.

2. I think that the Divergent people have that power because the simulation wasn't built for them. I think that when the civilization first started, there were many Divergent people. Then, through generations many fell into the stereotypes of the different factions.

As I said, I am probably wrong but that is what I think.

FallingAngels Thanks for the help :)

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I think there's more to being Divergent than just multiple factions.

Melody Erica wrote: "I think there's more to being Divergent than just multiple factions."

Yeah. Hopefully she will explain more of it in the new book

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