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Erica It started with Matt waking up in the hospital, he was confused and didn't remember anything. He had TBI "Traumatic Brain Injury".Matt got a purple heart, but he doesnt understand why he got it. Justin from his group came to visit him, he explained what had happened to him and how he got to the hospital. Story was that the RPG slammed against the wall and Matt goes flying 20 feet above. Justin helps him and pulls him from the vest and takes him to the hospital. while Matt is there in the hospital he tries to walk but he was to weak. he tries again and got the hang of it little by little. He sees other injured soliders and tries to get to know them, but one of them seemed rude and just asked for cigarettes, the other said he has CFU "Completely F*cked Up". The last page i read was that Matt tries to remember what he has, but he forgot the name.

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Christine Yeannakis You don't need this much detail. Summarize or write a reaction to the text.

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