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Jessi Overton (pixibell) | 281 comments Mod
Start: September 6, 2012 – End: September 6, 2012
Publisher: Cedar Press
Rating – 8

Coveted was a good solid story. Although the title is a bit deceptive unless you’re talking about Natalya’s hoarding habit. I liked the story but some parts of it was frustrating. Like the how everyone in the book knew why Natalya was considered a lone wolf but we the readers don’t find out until over halfway through the story. There was just a lot going on in this book but I’ll start with some of the characters…

Natalya – Seemed like she could be a great character but she comes off as weak. I understand complex characters but she just isn’t one of them. It could be her obsessive nature that makes her seem that way. If she wasn’t obsessing about Thorn, then she was obsessing about her ornaments, or tiny messes, getting back in the pack or her family disapprovals (imagined & otherwise). I would like to see some character development for her in which she gain self-confidence & stop letting people walk all over her (Thorn included).

Thorn – Is an alpha and alphas can be good things especially in a story like this. But Thorn struck me as an arrogant & chauvinistic opportunist. He had some good moments in the beginning but as the story continued he seemed to be more unlikeable. It felt like he only wanted to be with Natalya because it was the opposite of what his father wanted. It didn’t feel like he cared for her as anything other than a friend. In this book they don’t fit as a couple & they have no chemistry what so ever.

Nick – I liked his character the best. He was more open and more positive than anyone. When others were telling Natalya what she couldn’t do he seemed to encourage her that she could. I liked that he wanted to protect her but he didn’t overprotect her and that when he got worried/concerned about her he would take the time to show up and check on her for himself. He saw her as an equal and he saw inner strength in her that she didn’t even see in herself. I hope we get more moments with Nick as the series progresses. I also hope we learn why he is the way he is.

Aggie – Is my second favorite character. In her own way she reminds me of a female version of Nick , only she has years of knowing Natalya to back up the things she tells her. I want to know more about her character as the series continues

Natalya’s Family – They either baby her or ignore her. I just wish they would make up their minds about how they will treat her.

The Pack – Some of them seem decent but some of them need to be taught a lesson about how to treat people. I hope that eventually Natalya will grow a backbone and give them a lesson in manners. Especially the Farley because that old man is rude for no reason.

All-in-all I would recommend this book to others and I think that a better title for this book would have been Trials because it was one thing after another for Natalya. I enjoyed the story and I will be reading the next book “Kept” to see how the story continues.

Alana ~ The Book Pimp (loonyalana) | 123 comments My rating: 4 of 5 stars
*On a scale from .5-10♥'s, I would give this an 8.

I have to admit... it was slow going at first. Natalya is a hard character to sympathize with initially- at least for me. OCD female, Russian werewolf and hoarder of beautiful Christmas ornaments. It's much to take in and grow fond of. But somehow, by the end (despite my doubts) I eagerly read and even open up book #2 upon completion. A solid 4♥'s on this first installment of the Coveted series.

What I really liked about this series:
While it's not a traditional romance by any means, there are still moments that hold such romantic promise, and some spicy memories as an added bonus. With romance being on the back burner, it allowed for more world building and the opportunity to meet many characters. Despite the plethora of supernatural critters, following along without getting overwhelmed was surprisingly easy. Also, you have to give a special nod to complete originality of pairing a werewolf with severe OCD. I also found Nick to be like a more girl-knowledgeable (and probably more attractive) version of Dresden. Not quite as snarky as Dresden and a series dose of OCD in it's place. And something must be said about the variety, a near buffet of supernatural for every persuasion. If you are looking for a challenge that requires some sort of shifter/goblin/mermaid/muse/dwarf (and more) then you may well find it in this book. There are some moments of humor that made me smile and on occasion laugh, which is always a nice addition to any story.

What I was not in love with:
It's really, really not easy to sympathize with Nat with the lengthy descriptions of her OCD. Yes, at adds depth to the story, but for me I was a little sick of the OCD after a while. Monk, she is not (if anyone out there was a fan of the OCD, comedic mystery TV show) and it was an uphill battle. Also, I 'get' the whole ranking in werewolf society; it's nearly to be expected - but Nat took meek to a new all-time low. I wanted to scream at her to grow a backbone and be the strong wolf I know is in there somewhere! And my dissatisfaction was not reserved for only Nat. Thorne... other than the meager look into the past passion and the obvious physical attraction, I'm just not 'sold' on him being the guy for her. All the Erica drama, pack drama, OCD drama, oh, let's not forget one out of left field 'revelation' that made me huff in frustration while reading. Thorne should beg and grovel, and Nat needs to put on her big-girl (slightly less OCD) panties.

The latter half of the book providing more action which can be harder to wait for. I do ultimately feel the entire read was worth it, and it did earn the full 4♥'s. I was intrigued enough with Natalya by the end to want to immediately pick up book 2 and continue the series. It may be a harder sell, but I think it has real possibilities. I'm rather interested to see if anything further happens with Nick and if Thorne gets the kick in the pants I think he deserves.

I received this eBook from NetGalley for free in exchange for an honest review.

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