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Untreed Reads (untreedreads) | 985 comments Mod
This work of psychological horror just blew someone's mind:

The Road of Things to Come challenged me in a way that no other book has for a long time. Each page seemed to spark a new revelation; yet the fire was extinguished after only the edges of my epiphany were ignited.

Read all about it over at Open Book Society and check out a book excerpt at Untreed Reads.

The Road of Things to Come by Benson Phillip Lott:

When Sheriff Keylee discovers escaped mental patient Simon Fielding wandering down the desolate road of Shepherd's Pass in a sleepwalking trance, he takes him into custody with the intent of returning him to Jessup County Hospital with few questions asked.

The sheriff's dispatcher Debbie is a bit more curious. She has looked into the matter of Mr. Fielding's escapes and come across some unsettling information regarding Jessup County Hospital and a former psychologist who was believed to be involved in a patient’s escape attempt from the hospital twenty years earlier.

Dr. Douglas Grover, a clinical psychiatrist on the ward, is a particularly strong advocate for Simon's discharge. He meets with him for sessions on a weekly basis where they continually discuss the haunting dreams that Simon has convinced himself are glimpses of the future. These visions involve an illuminate figure that appears on a brightly lit path and produces a series of images, the most disturbing of which involves a terrible car accident on Shepherd’s Pass, which Simon believes is the revelation of his death.

Dr. Grover is suspicious of the images and wants to know more. He reveals to Simon his own personal investigation into the history of Shepherd's Pass and even admits to having remarkably lucid dreams where he too is confronted with his own demise. He further confesses to have encountered a bizarre book, detailing several accounts of complex dreams similar to the ones that both of them are experiencing. The common denominator is, of course, the road: Shepherd's Pass.

As the doctor and patient continue to exchange theories, a decision is made to return to the Pass for further investigation. What happens next will forever alter the men's lives.

A novella.

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Chris Bauer (chrisbauerattnet) | 9 comments This sounds like the best kind of horr--rooted in the reality and revealing itself page by page. Sounds like one I'll buy

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