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The reaping

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My feet sank into the soft mud as I walked quietly to the section for my age. I could feel my hands shaking with anxiety as my first reaping awaited me. I closed my eyes and told myself it would be fine. The crazy-haired laydy from the capitol gave her usual speech and reached into the girls bubble.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Arrow walked into her age group and sighed looking for Scipio. Where is he? He should be here by now.

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Scip walked up behind Arrow. "Hey." He breathed, only slightly anxious. On the outside he wore a sloppy grin.

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I had given up. Okay, my name wasn't in there loads - I mean, we weren't poor or anything - but that didn't matter. My Dad would volunteer me for the games, just like he did for my brother when he turned 16. I fight to keep control of my emotions. Here isn't a place for an outburst. I concentrate on breathing and try to push away the feeling of overwhelming panic. I'm a career. I should be proud to do my duty. Instead, I start reciting the poetry I had written this morning, focusing on how the words form on my tongue, rather than the pens that have herded us into place.

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Scipio was standing behind Arrow, looking around, standing on his toes to see over everyone. His eyes went to the stage and he sighed.

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In. Out. In. Out. I keep my breathing slow and shallow, my face devoid of any emotion and my anger keeps at bay. The escort struts towards the glass bowl. Only 5 have my name in. But my father has really changed my odds. He wants me to be like him 25 years ago, winning for the district. Since my brother had failed to do so. But the last person I want to be like is him. A pale hand digs deep into the names. I wait to hear my father's voice ring out across the square. But it doesn't come. There's no need. Because it's my name on that paper.

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Scipio sucks in a breath, despite himself, when the lady's finger's reach into the bowl for the girls slips. He holds it until she reads.

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My eyes sting. But still my face remains impassive and I walk steadily towards the stage, refusing to look anyone in the face, including the strutting Capitol woman who beams so happily at me. Vaguely, as if through glass, I can hear my father shout my name encouragingly. Slowly, I raise my eyes to meet the escort's gaze. She has a brightly coloured face, blusher in perfect circles on her cheeks. In my mind, she looks as though she let a child colour in her face, but my lips are pierced tightly shut.

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"Katrina Avelar!" All eyes are on me. This could hardly be a coincidence. First they took my mom, then my dad. And now it was my turn. I look strait as I walk forward. Many mumble in disapointment. Not another 12-year-old. I go to stand in front of the micherphone and try to avoid my friends eyes. I was going to die, yet life still went on. And that just didn't seem fair.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Arrow looks up at Scipio and sighs. She takes one of his hands and smiles saddly at him.

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I stand in front of the district. "Well, now for the boys," She reaches in and pulls a slip.

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Do you want to do the scene where they pick her name?))

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas  | 79 comments I was proud of myself. My name had been chosen and I was a career. I would be the winner in the games. I would kill with no mercy, make no alliences and get rich and famous. All that was left to do was shriek Mwahahaha. But hey, I WAS Kierra.

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(("Peeta Mellark!" Ugh, my brain keeps flashing back to that scene. Remember, only go to you saying goodbye to your friends and family :) ))
I see rhe ladys' hand swirl around before picking up a folded slip. She opens it.
"Zane Freg!" I focused in on a tall 13 year old boy with dusty blonde hair as he walked up.

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I don't really focus as our escort trots over to the boy's glass ball. Next thing I hear is "Xander Havings!" A tall, broad shouldered boy of about 16 or 17, a flop of dark brown hair that falls over his eyes. I know him vaguely from school, and from bumping into him when swimming. My mind whirls as the mayor gives his speeches. My father is beaming proudly up at me. Xander stares to the back of the crowd, not blinking. "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the tributes of District 4, Ayza Northstone and Xander Havings! And may the odds be EVER in YOUR favour..."

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We're ushered into the Justice house to say goodbyes. I already know what it's like. My father's talked about it enough before. I know what's coming too. My eyes flit to Xander, whose expression hasn't changed since they called his name. Indifferent. Solid. An expression that I know all too well, as I hide behind it myself. My father follows me into a plush room off of the main hall, my little sister scurrying mutely behind him. He starts telling me how proud he is, what techniques to use, how to play this game... it all washes over me. All I know about this game is that I'm not going to be playing by the rules.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Arrow hangs her head when the escort puts her hand into the girl's bowl. Arrow starts to zone off when she hears, "Arrow Yagami!" ((Or Kanagi, or Higarashi! So many names that end with I))

Arrow's head snaps up and she watches her face on the big screen. She sighs and lets go of Scipio's hand. She knew this was bound to happen....

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Scipio holds her fingers until the last second. His face had hardened, crossing his arms as the woman greeted Arrow.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Arrow watches the woman dig into the boy's bowl and she cringes. Don't be Scipio,

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Scip shuts his eyes and holds his breath, despite himself and listens. "Scipio Wagner." Oh, shit. He walks steadily foreward. He cringes when he sees Arrow, but glares fiercely at the Capitol woman.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Arrow's heart stops but she won't let the pain show on her face. She just looks at him, how could this have happened?

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Scip is pretty focused on the crazy lady, giving her a death glare. He knows it's not her fault, but he really can't help himself. Finally he shakes her hand, then Arrows. He glances at her apologetically and painfully, then resumes killing the Capitol with his eyes.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Arrow holds his hand longer than normal Tributes do. She stares up at him with tears in her eyes. 'I'm so sorry.' She mouths to him.

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Scipio gives her a shrug that means, 'We'll talk later.' He knew they would have time. He crosses his arms again and focuses on keeping himself together.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Just then the peacekeepers come and push them into the Justice building and putting them into two different rooms. Arrow sits down on the blood read couch and hangs her head. No one will come to see her, that's when she hears the door open. She looks up and sees Mike.... the strongest guy in the district, who hated her.

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Scipio freezes when he sits in the room and waits. He honestly doesn't expect anybody to come, except his younger brother. Scip is right. Leon walks in and hugs Scipio. "I'm so sorry." He says. Scip shakes his head. "Don't be. Theres nothing to be sorry for." He knows his younger brother must be beating himself up. He could have volenteered. Scipio wouldn't have wanted him to. "Just keep yourself safe and I will too, okay?"

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Kate Kid (katekid) Mike smirks at her, "So, I'm going to look forward to your death.... I would have volunteered but, you know. Mental pain is worse than fisical I always say." he laughs.

Arrow bites her bottom lip, "Go." She growls.

He shakes his head and grabs hold of her neck, "If I can't kill you, I'm going to leave my mark!" He then takes out his knife and traces it along the lines in her arm. She holds back the scream and tries to keep her face even. Showing no pain.

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The younger boy nods and is dragged away all together too soon. Scipio rubs his head and stands. A small, familiar girl rushes at him. She hugs Scip, but he frowns, not touching her. His ex. Scip's eyes are full of pain and his scarred wrists were tingling. She tries to talk to him, but Scip says, "No. Dont make it worse."

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Kate Kid (katekid) Arrow is thrown to the ground as the peacekeepers come in and Mike leaves. Arrow quickly pulls out some bandages she always has and wraps her arm. He's going to pay.... but how?

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Scipio turns away, looking out the window and rubs his eyes. Today was sucking so bad. Another unwelcome visitor hits his room, named Mike, giving Scipio a similar spiel minus the injuries. He shrugs Mike off too, wishing they could be done with today.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Soon a girl comes into Arrow's room, she recognizes her as Scipio's ex. The next this she knows is the girl is in her face. "You better not hurt him!" The girl growls, "He better come out alive you hear!? I could care less if you died and I could care less if it was painful."

Arrow glairs down at her, "I've been getting that alot lately." She whispers back.

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Scipio waits, but nobody else seems to be coming. Then at the last second, his friend-well sort of- comes crashing in, shoving off peacekeepers. They bear hug and Scip looks at him. The boy says, "You have to make it out. I don't care what you need to do. Come back to me and we'll beat this shit."

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Kate Kid (katekid) After she leaves no one else comes. Arrow's alone. I wonder how many people Scipio has gotten. He's always been more popular.

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Scipio nods and hugs his friend one more time with a promise before his time is up.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Arrow is then taken out of the room and into a long car. She gets into the back and holds her arm that still throbs.

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Scip gets lead out and it takes all his willpower not to fight the grasp on him. He ignores the reporters and boards the train.

((Say this topic goes until the first glimpse of the capitol?))

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Kate Kid (katekid) ((IDK.))

Arrow looks at Scip and smiles shyly. "Who came and visited you?" She asks putting her arm under the table.

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Scipio shrugs, leaning back in the booth dubbed the dining table. "My brother, Alex (his friend), Mike, Ellie (his ex)..." Scip frowns at the last two.

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Kate Kid (katekid) "Same.... at least, with the last two." She says rubbing her arm.

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"Lucky us." Scip says, then asks, "You okay? Anybody else visit you?"

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Kate Kid (katekid) "No." She says. "I told you, I don't have many friends." She looks up to him, "Your my only one."

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That makes Scipio sigh. He knew it was true. It made thing so much harder. "Yeah. I know." His eyes leave hers and examine his worn out boots.

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Kate Kid (katekid) She smiles, "We still have a few weeks." She says, "Lets make um count." She reaches for his hand forgeting about her wounds.

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Scipio is momentarily comforted, but he catches blood and a little rougher than intended pulls her arm to his face, pushing her sleeves up. "Arrow." He sighs, "What happened?"

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Kate Kid (katekid) "Mike doesn't like me." She says, "What'd you think he'd do?" She asks. "Everyone that came in told me to die."

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Scip shuts his eyes for a minute, then looks at her. "I think that's illegal. At least hurting you."

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Kate Kid (katekid) "Oh well." she says putting her head on the table.

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Scip shrugs and hugs his knees to his chest. They had quite a long train ride ahead of them. He watches Arrow.

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