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Is it the "shock appeal" that's the draw?
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So, what is is, ladies (and perhaps gents)?
What is it that's got everyone reading and recommending this terribly-written series with the most annoying and unrealistic characters ever?

Are people actually enjoying the writing?
Are people actually enjoying the characters?
Is the story actually enjoyable?
Is it the so called "shock-appeal"?
Or are people just closet porn readers?

Haven't finished the series yet.
Almost finished with the 2nd book. Still has some kinky/sexy scenes but there's a little more of a story outside the bedroom. The series is clearly about him, not her.

What are your thoughts?

Danielle (last edited Sep 12, 2012 07:14AM ) Sep 11, 2012 03:15PM   2 votes
In order:

1. no
2. no
3. no
4. It takes more than that to shock me. But i read it hoping to be shocked, if that counts?
5. Sure, but not really that closeted

Honestly the main thing that got me to read it was all the outrage/hate surrounding it. I wanted to form my own opinion. (I thought it was terrible and didn't actually even read the whole thing if it matters)

I can say one of the main reasons why I hate the novel is kind of similar to some of the reasons people like it: the very typical "you can change an abusive man" plot is not something that should be shown as remotely true. Maybe it's possible for an abuser to recover, but "loving him out of it" isn't going to happen and is what keeps a lot of people trapped in abusive relationships. I feel like a broken record when I talk about this, but it's so important.

And no, I'm not confusing BDSM and abuse. The abuse is quite a different part of the story.

Also, it totally breaks one of the golden rules of good BDSM - Safe, sane, consensual. I'd argue that someone who doesn't at all understand what she's getting into can't really consent.
Also it breaks all the rules of good writing.

Laura Your analysis is superb.
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It's the shock appeal, popularity, and notoriety.
The fact that this story was so loved and hated when it was fanfiction was a huge factor IMO. Love or hate, it added to the draw; it made the books talked about and that got people reading.

It's painful to think that with so many wonderfully written books out there, so many are wasting their brains on this one. No wonder our society is losing their literacy. If this is what's slated as "the newest best read," we'll be back to cave drawings before long.

Sanny (last edited Sep 11, 2012 03:11PM ) Sep 11, 2012 03:09PM   0 votes
I definitely think it's the shock-appeal and that BDSM is still somewhat a taboo.

BUT this story has barely anything to do with BDSM, nor does the author understand the works of it and that is what keeps throwing me of the track. So many people read his and actually think this is how it works - get real because it's not. Educate yourselves and you'll learn in a neutral way what BDSM actually is.

Instead there are many sex scenes that seem to be stuck on repeat.

While I didn't enjoy the book all that much, I think it's good that it has opened the discussion on certain topics, be it sex or BDSM.

I think that the books were not well written, but E.L. James did a great job in Character development. You really fell like you get to know the character in this series. So you care about them and what happens to them.

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The sex is fairly tame for an erotic read. What "hooked me" were the emails between Christian and Anna. I was expecting something really raunchy and got something really sweet instead. There were scenes that actually had me laughing out loud also.

Everyone slams this book for being badly written, "Laters..."

I think everyone can agree that's pretty awful on all fronts. I think it's just been word of mouth and popularity, everyone wants to know what the fuss is about. It has certainly opened up new avenues for erotica literature, where I work, sales in that dept has multiplied, and it seems to be awakening, if you will many people to explore a new side of their sexuality.

I was shocked not by the BDSM, but the awful writing, and how quickly everything happened, and to be honest the explicitness (although I hadn't checked the back where it said erotic fiction at that point yet)
It's a conversation starter in some respects, people just want to know what everyone's talking about. The movie buzz isn't helping.

As far as closet porn I mentioned before, 50 shades has made the genre popular (especially because some marketing genius classifies it as 'fiction') and a more open market for people to actually shop in. they read 50 shades, now they want, more, "what else is like this?" etc, and they're going hunting for other authors (much better authors) and I think that's healthy.

It's also sort of a green light for anyone vaguely interested in reading erotica. It's already popular, everyone's talking about it, so why not, it's like a safe zone to test curiosity. They can always blame it on the "hype" afterwards if they loathe it.

People are enjoying because they have different minds and opinions. What one hates one loves. Like the saying Another man's trash may be another's treasure. I liked it b/c
1. I love sex
2. I love kinky sex
3. I love it when someone who is set in their ways takes chances and turns from their ways and changes for the good.

Are people actually enjoying the writing? yes and no
Are people actually enjoying the characters? YES - i actually like them even if Ana's inner goddess sometimes annoys me
Is the story actually enjoyable? you'd be surprised. the first time i read it i didn't get into the story as much but the 2nd time i went through it i really did enjoy the story. there's more to it than i caught the first time.
Is it the so called "shock-appeal"? i think that's the draw initially. people think 'sex' and they think taboo and they rush to pick it up.
Or are people just closet porn readers? it's not porn - it's just one of those things that people aren't sure is acceptable but it's fiction and it's a book. there are romance novels a lot worse if you think about it.

christian and Ana's Love story is a Eye Opener and it brought up the topic of what many people are already doing behind closed Doors into the OPEN... thus having so many more SEEKING MORE as COUPLES and in other RELATIONSHIPS.... back to the Bedroom :)

I loved the story and the power play between the characters. Christian is so broken inside and has been though so much shit and I spent the whole book hoping he would be able to overcome that and make something work with the first person he's ever really loved.
As for Ana she was so innocent and niave and I could relate to her being quite young myself. I really wanted her to be able to stand up for herself and what she thinks is and isn't ok. I also wanted to see if her innocence was enough to fix Christian and make him a little more human.
They both came across to me as real characters with real problems. Christian's been through so much in his past that It's easy to see why he feels like he needs to control things, push himself and hide his softer side. And from what is revealed of Ana's past she seemed to have had a pretty easy life which explains why she's so confused.
The characters and their relationship is what drew me in, I've read BDSM and worse stuff than this before so there was no "shock value" for me, though in the past shock value has drawn me into a story. that just wasn't the case with this one

I'm enjoying the books for the story that's in between all the sex scenes. I enjoy the humor between the two characters (particularly in their emails) and I guess I'm curious to see if she can help change the way he sees and feels about himself and if he is capable of being in a loving relationship. I sometimes find myself skimming through the sex scenes just to get to the next bit of the story.

So for me, yes I'm enjoying the characters and the story.

So far i really like the story. But the shock appeal is nothing new to me. I have read allot more violent sex seans in other regular romance books, so I really don't know why all the fuss is about. It has a really weird love story at first and then it matures into something lovely. I guess the BDSM is the "new" area then. It doesn't do that much of it in the book to be about it, to me. Well that was just my opinion so let me know why U think.!

I guess I like books about strong females who save tragic men. That's what attracted me to this trilogy.

Pat Watson Because its just might not be the best written but is a great way to escape from the real world
Oct 10, 2012 10:15AM

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