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wanderer (chloemai) GO!

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wanderer (chloemai) Nia wondered into school quietly, as per usual. She always arrived early, prefering to avoid the crush of students. She held her dance bag firmly in her hand whilst her rucksack was slung carelessly over her shoulder. She had dance first period, and then a free period after that, which meant she would get extra practice time in for her new sequence. She had tied her hair up into a tight ballerina bun, prefering to keep it put of the way, although a few stray wispy bits seemed to be making an escape. She opened her locker door, placing her rucksack inside.

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Avery was walking through the halls. She saw only one other person and it was that foreign. She was used to being one of the firsts ones here. Avery liked the quiet in the morning. She strolled over to her locker that was near Nia's.

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wanderer (chloemai) Nia glanced over at the girl. She was used to being ignored and had actually grown accustomed to blending into the backgrounds she looked at the pictures that she had stuck onto the inside of her locker door. Her most prized one sat in the middle. A picture if her mother, her father and her before the attack. Dotted around it were pictures of ballet dancers and one of her mothers old vineyard. One day I'll go back. Nia thought to herself.

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Avery looked over at the girl and waved awkwardly. She didnt know if the girl spoke english or not. Avery grabbed her books out of her locker and pushed her hair out of her face. She hated her hair. Why couldnt it be blonde or some other safe color? Red was not a safe color, not a color that responsible girls had for hair. She closed her locker and the noise echoed throughout the near empty halls.

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wanderer (chloemai) Nia frowned slightly. Nobody usually waved at her. She reaturned the simple gesture. It just means hello in English. She thought to herself. It's not like I've become instant best friends with her. But it did happen to be the nicest gesture she had gotten since coming to the school last year.

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Avery glanced at her classroom door and then back at the girl. Hopefully this girl spoke spanish because that was the only language she knew any words of. And even that was few. "Hello. I'm avery." She said in spanish, the words obviously not natural for her to say.

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wanderer (chloemai) Shock and surprise flashed through Nias eyes. Nobody had ever attempted to talk to her before and the girl clearly couldn't speak fluently, but it didn't faze Nia. Somebody was being nice to her.
"I'm Galenia Bht everybody just calls me Nia. Its nice to meet you Avery." she said, her words rolling off her toungue fluently, clearly indicating that spanish was her main language.

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Averyblinked. She had no idea what most of that meant. She held up a finger to nia, gesturing for her to wait a second. She grabbed her spanish textbook from her locker and went to the back of the book. Avery quickly looked up the words she didnt know and then shoved the book back in her organized locker. "Its nice to meet you too." She finally said in her choppy spanish.

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wanderer (chloemai) Nia nodded slightly. She wouldn't be able to have a full conversation with this girl but it was nice to have somebody finally talk to her. Now she would try to speak English.
"Uh..um... What class do you have today." she winced. She was painfully bad at English despite having studied it for just over a year, her words sounds jumbled and awkward and could barely be made out with her thick Spanish accent.

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It took avery a moment to realize what she said. "Um, history." She said it in english and hoped the girl understood that word. She had no idea how to say it in spanish.

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wanderer (chloemai) Lucky for Nia she understood the simple word. Before she had moved to this school, history had been one of her favourite subjects in Spain. Now she dreaded the lesson seeing as the teacher though she was an unintelligent who should be sent to a special school.
"I..uh..Used.. To.. Uh..enjoy that." she quickly finished off the sentence and apologised in Spanish for her dreadful English speaking.

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Avery nodded. She didnt know what to say....or how to say what she wanted to say. So, she smiled politely and waved goodbye. "Goodbye, nia." She said that part in her horrid spanish.

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wanderer (chloemai) "Goodbye." she called out. Great she thought silently. I blew my only chance at some sort of friendship with my awful English speaking Nia turned back to her locker leaning against the other nearby and looking at her family picture fondly.

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wanderer (chloemai) When she was sure Avery was gone Nia yelled out a small shout of frustration. Why did everybody she cared about have to die? Why had she been made to leave all of her firiends? Why had she had to move here. No doubt she would dance the stress of later, but all in all she felt so alone in the world, all she wanted was a simple friend.

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wanderer (chloemai) She grabbed her dance bag slamming her locker behind her. She always worked best in a bad mood, whether she liked to admit it or not. Her moves where much more pointed and straight, but loose at the same time, she would obviously warm up first, and luckily she had one on one time seeing as she was at a higher level than most the girls, plus, Aunt and Uncle paid for her to be trained alone.

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Avery made her way through the hallways, maneuvering around routy students. She hated all the noise in the hall. She got to her locker and fumbled with the lock.

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wanderer (chloemai) Leona scrambled through the masses of pupils that roamed the halls. If she wasn't careful she would miss her music lesson. Although it was more like a practice session for her. She simply his herself away for the lesson and played her guitar, singing along at the same time. She ran a hand through her red hair her crystal green eyes scanning the area for the perfect escape until se saw a small gap between the students and took her chance. She managed to break free of the crush and headed off to her lesson. He guitar on her back.

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Some kid bumped into avery as she walked down the halls, sending her into the wall of lockers. They muttered a quick apology and kept going. Avery mumbled something to herself and rubbed her arm. She would probably have a bruise later things to routy kids.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Bella slowly walks down the hallways. She pulls nervously at her sweater.

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