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Weeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllcccccccccccccooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee!!!! It is the first annual Promote and Post Your Writing Hunger Games!!! The rules are simple!! Stay alive!! Let me know the way of a attack so I can determine if your dead or not!! We are in the Arctic Climate!!! May the odds be ever in your favor!! And go!!!

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Brison ran towards the Cornucopia with Lily on his heels.

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(Ambz) ~|*The Angelic Vampire*|~ (AmbzTheAngelicVampire) Taylor smirked. She got into the running position, studying the items in the Cornucopia. Perfect She thought, seeing a Trident. She was ready, and nobody would stop her. She was a Career, who in their right mind face her? She could feel the adrenaline pumping in her veins, the excited beating of her heart...


Taylor shot off her plate, quick as possible. She jumped, grabbed a rather deadly looking trident, made a single roll toward the Cornucopia, and dashing across the arctic plain. She quickly swung a pack across her back and shot ahead of most of the other Tributes. She didn't fear anything right now, she knew nobody could kill her in her murderous state.

(Ambz) ~|*The Angelic Vampire*|~ (AmbzTheAngelicVampire) Mabel mentally whimpered. She saw the vicious Careers. They scared her. When the Gong rang, she was off her plate and away in seconds. Just, not in the direction of the Cornucoopia. She stood back, shivering in the cold, waiting for the Bloodbath to pass so that she could scavenge what little was left.

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(Ambz) ~|*The Angelic Vampire*|~ (AmbzTheAngelicVampire) Rose whined a pitchy whimper which most of the Tribute around her would hear. Tears began to flood her vision. The blood drained from her face. She looked absolutely terrified and ultimately vulnerable. She hesitated before stepping off her plate and bit her nails, reaching for a pack and cautiusly looked around.

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Lily grabbed a bow and arrow and shot at Mabel. She was aiming for the heart but missed and hit a lung. Then she ran towards some snowty hills but not before grabbing a backpack.

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Brison grabbed some blow darts and a mace, then ran.

(Ambz) ~|*The Angelic Vampire*|~ (AmbzTheAngelicVampire) ((Please don't powerplay -.-))

(Ambz) ~|*The Angelic Vampire*|~ (AmbzTheAngelicVampire) Mabel winced and held a scream, forcing tears back into her eyes. She quickly pulled the arrow out and snapped it multiple times, making sure it wouldn't be able to be usable. She came up to a coniferous tree, climbing it rather awkwardly with her new wound.

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#~Ambz~# {•Save Me•} wrote: "((Please don't powerplay -.-))"


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Lily laughed as she watched Mabel.

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Caroline (godwithus) (Why did Treyson leave?)

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Amelia wrote: "(he left the group?)"

(No, he left Goodreads. He's my brother)

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Lily ran from the bloodbath not to excited to see it.

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(HE'S BAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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