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message 1: by Tigerflare (new)

Tigerflare Well, let's keep this simple. The ending was obvious from the first book if you were looking for facts.

Think about it. Kishan and Damon. They are both black tiger's. Kishan fell in love with Durga immediately when he saw he, and even forgot about Kelsey when she was in his presence.(this was in the second book)

Dhiren was the first she met. She free him from his cage. He protected her, and respected all of her wishes. The only thing he didn't do, is fight Kishan for her. Their "Golden Flame" is only when the two of them touch.

The only thing i didn't know would happen after the first quarter of the book, was that Durga would be mortal when they met, Durga's brother would return with them to the future. And the Phet was so all powerful. I knew he was more powerful then he said, seeing as he knew how to use Durga's Gift's immediately. but not that he ran the universe, in terms.

I didn't think Kishan was Damon, i had thought it at a few points, but never accepted it, until they met Durga in the past and she had no Tiger. Then my first thought was "They're getting rid of Kishan!"

Dhiren was starting to fall for Durga so i started to think that maybe i was wrong on that part.. and that Damon came a long at another point in the future. but soon that changed, when Dhiren gave her the ring. The entire section with Durga was a loop in on itself to be honest.

When Kelsey and Amamika became the Goddess and the Tiger's were prechosen for them without consent.

What truly changed the entire set up, was when the Phoenix made her admit to herself that she was In love with Ren to save her life. When she talked to their "Aunt" in disguise, i thought that it was Ren that did that, there was no name said, and since it seemed so obvious that it was Ren, i didn't double think that thought until later it said Kishan dressed as their Aunt. Though, looking back i realize i should have known it was Kishan from the reaction to her statements as not being triumphant, but rather as accepting.

Anyways. Dhiren Marrying Kelsey was obvious the entire time. What caught me by surprise was that the five sacrifices were not as i thought. I now have no clue what Tiger's Dream will deal with, but i have a small guess related to Kishan's "message in a bottle". Which i'll state later after the next 3 stars***

During the entire thing, i thought it was weird as can be. I believe the Phoenix will become living for longer than one day once the Firefruit blooms again, and with renowned faith from the fight with Durga on the battle with Lokesh. There are not enough Eggs for them to last much longer as they do now. So i also believe that the Egg Kishan took is a Female egg, the only female egg, and now that he's a Goddesses Tiger, that it will hatch as a phoenix rather than become a truth stone.

Kelsey became a "bad ass bitch" in terms throughout this book. She never invited fighting before this book, but she took on the Rakshasa Queen and won. Defeated the fire lords single handed. Practically took on Lokesh single handed. Where as in the first book, she couldn't take on one Kappa. The second book, she barely could beat the Iron Birds, and then still couldn't beat them all, then the third book, she was useless against the Kraken, and passed out agains the Shark. Then she just comes out bad ass as hell in the Fourth book.. Too much change there to be honest.. Kishan and Ren became almost useless in this entire book, they were left behind, kept being beaten, were just distractions pretty much. Why did this happen? It ruined the badass tiger's part of the series to me. anyways, back to what i feel about what Tiger's Dream will be about.

***He said he lived on the mountain for the centuries pass. I believe that Durga and Damon are still alive, and that the four of them(five if you count Sunil) will reunite and have one last thing to do with the world and that Ren and Kelsey become immortal with Durga and Damon and they live as a family that was protecting over India, and the rest of the world as the Durga Twins and their Tigers.

What they may have to do, i don't know exactly. Obviously it'll have to do with on of the Dreams Kelsey has had in the past, which could mean anything, seeing as a lot of them didn't come to happen(Like Lokesh forcing her to chose which Tiger will live) or a dream that Ren and Kelsey will have now that they are married. Either that, or it will deal with the Dream Kishan had in terms to Anik Kishan Rejaram. Maybe this child is more special than first believed.

Thoughts and comments? :) We got many months to work with this as there's no release date for Tiger's Dream!



me too!

I think in the fifth book ren and kelsey will have their golden-eyed baby...named Anik Kishan Rajaram (mentioned in the last book) CANT WAIT FOR LAST BOOK NO MATTER WHAT BUT CANT BELIEVE ITS ALMOST OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adina  (myriadbooks) Jose wrote: "Man Kishan being Durgas tiger I did not see that coming"

Agreed! that threw me and pissed me off. I feel like Kishan didn't get the ending he deserved.

Maybe the baby isn't Ren's or Kishan's MAybe it's there younger brother or something............... idk........ im kinda lost as to where the story can go in the next book.


I thought the smame thing. I could have sworn that he was described as an orange tiger in the first book before Ren and Kells enterned Kishkinda, when they first encountered Durga.

message 6: by Caralin (last edited Sep 18, 2012 05:16PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Caralin The fact that Damon was Kishan, boy di dnot see that punch coming. And how did the baby in the dream have Golden Eyes if he was not Kishan's? Kishan said in his message that it has HIS to Ren, so how could that be? I was kinda hoping it had cobalt blue eyes too, it would have been soo adorable. I think Kishan had the happy ending and did not have to be alone. If he stayed and married Kelsey he woiuld eventually get his heart broken by her because she could not get rid of her undying love for Ren, and it would destroy them all. Eventually all of them would have to face her true feelings and if they were marriedlong enough it would destroy them all, because Ren would be destroyed already for living so long without Kells, Kishan would die because of Kells love for his BROTHER, and kells woudl have to live with ruiing the lives of her beloved Tigers. So without one of them dying, I beleive that Mrs. Houck came up with a brilliant ending with everyone happy. I also loved the Sercret Scroll being from Kishan, very clever.
Asfor the Tiger's Dream, I hope that they are all reunited and can live an eternit together in happiness, and I hope that Nilmia and Sunil are married. Even though she was not a main character, but she desverves love and a man too.

message 7: by Tigerflare (last edited Sep 18, 2012 05:50PM) (new)

Tigerflare Kishan was described as sable furred with jet back stripes. Over time in the sun his fur would become more bleached like normal hair does. So it would lighten out to more of an orange over time. This is over 2000 years of time Kishan lived. Don't forget that ! sable is a light brown color.

Caralin Ya but would he turn like completely orange? and Kelsey described him as Jet Black, wouldnt he have lightened up by now aleady since he had already lived for a really long time?

message 9: by Tigerflare (new)

Tigerflare Word for word: "it was much larger than the panther that attacked me near the cave. In fact, add it came closer to where I was sitting, I made out jet black stripes on a dark, sable coat of fur."

So his stripes were pitch black but his fur was sable.

Caralin ohh okay. I remember that line, she was describing Damon right? I wonder why his fur did not lighten from the begning of hte Curse to when he met Kells.
I wonder if Coleen Houck new from the first book that Kishan was going to be Damon or if she planned it out as she went.

message 11: by Tigerflare (new)

Tigerflare That was describing Kishan. Damon was descRibed as an orange and black tiger. And it could be because he never left the forest the first 300 years of his curse and was outside traveling Asia the 2000 years after.

Caralin oh okay I was confused, it has been awhile since I read the first book.

message 13: by Tigerflare (last edited Sep 19, 2012 02:09PM) (new)

Tigerflare Same. Damon was described as a orange and black cat. Kishan was a sable and black cat. So sable bleaching out over time could easily become orange.

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

WHY IS THERE GONNA BE A LAST BOOK! This was it! We don't need to know more. The ending was perfectly sad! I wish they had missed Kishan a bit more though....

message 15: by Tigerflare (new)

Tigerflare xxSamxx wrote: "WHY IS THERE GONNA BE A LAST BOOK! This was it! We don't need to know more. The ending was perfectly sad! I wish they had missed Kishan a bit more though...."

they are probably going to follow up on Kishans note about living in the cave for a home and reunite them for one last quest I think.

Savannah Caralin wrote: "The fact that Damon was Kishan, boy di dnot see that punch coming. And how did the baby in the dream have Golden Eyes if he was not Kishan's? Kishan said in his message that it has HIS to Ren, so h..."

AGREED! i love ur idea!

message 17: by Allyana (new)

Allyana For one, yes Damon was originally an Orange or regular tiger. But Phet would have changed his colour from black to the colour we all know to fit the description to the legend of Durga and her tiger.
I never really thought there might be anymore quests that both Kelsey and Ren have to face cause the ending was absolutely beautiful. And if there was another book, I hope it will still leave this wonderful memory of them being happy together.
As for the baby, I believe that the golden eyes must have traveled down through the Rajaram blood line or a real far fetched idea is that Kishan/Damon's spirit would live on in the child. You choose…I'm just happy it ended the quests the right way.

Caralin I am also content on how the story ended, but I kinda hope that if there had to be another book, wich there is, that mabey somehow they can find a way to be together as a family. By they i mean, Durga, Kishan, Ren, Kelsey and their baby.

message 19: by Marta (new) - rated it 1 star

Marta What really broke my heart was that not only would they never (possibly) see Kishan again (I don't care about Durga, I hated her) but that they really didn't have anyone who knew what they had been through at their wedding! ONLY NILIMA! Ren had to have almost a total stranger for his best man, because the quest took so many years they didn't make any new friends (not like Ren had any, being a reclusive tiger and all), and Kelsey didn't get to have Mr. Kadam walk her down the aisle. Oh, that too, I don't see how MR. Kadam's death helped them!!! Lokesh saw them at the bush afterwards anyway!!!! STUPID! It was too much to handle, Colleen Houck didn't handle that very well. It was like she just said "Oh crud, he's too old, he's too hot, how am I gonna get rid of them? well, I'm already 10 chapters in, might as well do it now", not very well done at all, it was WAY to much to just throw in there and finish everything up. UGH, this book broke my heart, I have post-Tiger's Destiny-depression. I can't even look at that book. The only thing holding me together, is the hope that the next book will NOT BE ABOUT HER KID, but one last quest with Kishan (NO DURGA PLEASE). Thankfully that letter from Kishan gave me a tiny bit of closure.
*SIGH* about Ren, I felt he just changed after he lost his memory. LIke, rarely do I read when authors just CHANGE THE CHARACTER'S CHARACTER COMPLETELY. But his did....and then he got all cozy with DURGA. WHY? THAT WAS SO CONFUSING!!!

message 20: by Marta (new) - rated it 1 star

Marta No more turning into tigers and super awesome hearing and stuff.....I'm gonna go cry now, k?

Alyssa I loved the books so much! I just want to read more about there family the last book left me with lots of questions.

-RininTa- Gosh!! I cried like a baby when read the ending! Love the story so much because there are so much unexpected things and they make me curious and 'oh-ah' things.

Kishan - oh Kishan - I love you more in this book! He's so sweet and even he has known that Kelsey loves Ren, he's still waiting for her *sob* but I still love with Ren though :p

Can't wait to read Tiger's Dream! I want to know Kelsey, Ren, and their baby! :D

message 23: by Triscia C.G. (new) - added it

Triscia C.G. is Kishan still immortal? i think that's one of the debates on the fb page. a lot of people think that kishan passed on over the years, and some people think that kishan regained his lost piece of immortality (the price in exchange for ren's life) when he accepted the role of being durga's tiger.

i think at some point colleen said that we would be able to see what kishan's phoenix egg does.

message 24: by Angela (last edited Dec 31, 2013 04:21PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Angela Carmela C.G. wrote: "i think at some point colleen said that we would be able to see what kishan's phoenix egg does. ..."

OM goodness I completely forgot all about the egg!
Didn't the Phoenix say that "you can tell if a person is telling the truth by using the egg"... or something like that

message 25: by Triscia C.G. (last edited Feb 16, 2014 02:34AM) (new) - added it

Triscia C.G. Angela wrote: Didn't the Phoenix say..."

Yup :) The exact words were: '...when you take it from this place, it will change from an egg into a truth stone, and it will never grow to become a Phoenix. When held, you will recognize if those around you speak the truth and you will be able to see into their hearts. It will grant you wisdom if you seek it to be of aid to others, but if you use it to manipulate or exploit, the heart of the Phoenix will destroy you...'

Alyssa Colleen made it so that each one of the books was an element. In one of her interviews she said Tiger's Dream is spiritual and the Phoenix said she would see her loved ones again so my guess is that this book will wrap everything up and meet her parents, see Kishan again, and Kadam.

Savannah thats a good idea but I also hope it talks about kishan meeting his nephew and about how he grows up.

Dash of  Sunshine I had no idea there was going to be another book in the installment. Where did you guys find out?????

Nikita I was surprised to find out that there is going to be a fifth book. I agree with Alyssa that it will have something to do with spirit but don't know what as the curse is broken so what is there for Kelsey to do? There were some things left unsaid like the Phoenix egg, the tiger bones and a few other things, so maybe they will go on a quest that surround or involve those things.

I hope we'll get to see Kishan and Mr. Kadam again. I'm thinking and half hoping it won't be solely on Ren and Kelsey's baby but rather leading up to that. Like towards the end of the book Durga hints to Kelsey that she's pregnant.

message 30: by Triscia C.G. (new) - added it

Triscia C.G. Powla wrote: "I had no idea there was going to be another book in the installment. Where did you guys find out?????"

Tiger's Curse has an official FB fanpage. Also there's colleen's website :)

message 31: by Triscia C.G. (new) - added it

Triscia C.G. Well, Colleen's so stubborn! She won't budge whenever someone asks her about what would happen in Tiger's Dream. Well, okay I can see why she'd be all mum about it but can't she just even give one teeny-tiny teaser?? Something to ease us of the emotional pain that last freakin' book left us with??? *hugs stuffed tiger*

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