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Election Reads?

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message 1: by World (new)

World Magazine (world_magazine) | 6 comments Mod
What books are you reading as you head to the voting booth?

message 2: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Ule | 2 comments Reckless Endangerment--if I can stand my elevating blood pressure . . .

message 3: by Staci (new)

Staci | 5 comments Just finished Politically Incorrect Guide to Presidents: Wilson to Obama. It provided great history of the Presidents covered and insight into Supreme Court Justice selections.

message 4: by Staci (new)

Staci | 5 comments I finished today A Question of Character, which is a biography of John F Kennedy. It showed a different side of "Camelot" and showed why character in a president matters. Good read.

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