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Crown walks in, staying close to Albany. He buys his ticket and everything, and once it's time to head to his gate, he just stands there, looking at her.

Olliver goes through everything, gives Celeste a hug, and makes his way towards his gate.

Avara walks in, goes through everything, and when it's time, kisses Luke.

Dax walks in, goes through everything, and gives Izzy a hug when it's time.

August makes his process short and sweet. He gives Amber a quick good bye when it's time, and heads towards his gate.

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lola and trent get ready to leave
isabella and luke say there good byes

Isabel~domolover | 3021 comments Sammy and Meg get out of the cab and hug each other"bye"

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Isabel~domolover | 3021 comments They get their tickets and wait at there gates.

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Albany smiled at him and waved, walking backwards towards her own gate

Carter said goodbye to Lola and got on his plane

Celeste waved to oliver and boarded her plane

Amber said goodby to August and walked to er gate

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lola and trent get on there plane
so does isabella and luke

Isabel~domolover | 3021 comments "hey im sammy" she said to Amber

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(i think lola and albany are on the same plane))

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MJ | 5251 comments Mod
Crown thought about Albany all through his plane ride. His father and brother were taking a different plane.

Olliver smiled all through the ride. He couldn't wait to be in Ireland again, the vast countryside, the fresh air, the sea breeze, he loved it all.

Avara slumped in her seat next to Dax, smiling.

Dax looked out the window the whole time, lost in deep thought.

August thought about Battle of the Bands all the way through. He was nonstop practicing once he got to Canada.

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Lola sits in her seat listening to music and closes her eyes
trent falls asleep
isabella reads her book
luke plays on his phone

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Isabel~domolover | 3021 comments Sammy gets off her plane and texts Trent "Im home" with a smily face them waits for her mom and dad to pick her up.

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he texted her good

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Isabel~domolover | 3021 comments Mom and dad show up and goves her big hug and kiss showing them Kaylee and she has grown she could no long fit in a bag she jumped out of the car and jumped on Sam and licked her to deth until she got up and went into the car on her way home.

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they carry lola in

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Carter ran into the airport, searching around frantically for Lola. He spotted Trent and sprinted over to him "Trent! Wait!"

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"what are you doing here"he says

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Carter had a determined look on his face "I can't let you take her, not yet. Give me a month. Just a month to help her. Then if we can't help her here, you take her"

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"carter i dony know she found she was leaving she's started going crazy"

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"exactly! She needs to stay and give it a try" carter tried desperately to convince him

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"and you think you could help her"he asked

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Carter nodded "yes." he said confidently

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"just a month thats it"

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Carter nodded "that's it, just give me a chance, Trent"

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"fine but if my sister gets worse because of you"

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"she won't, I'm going to help her" carter hugged Trent
((hugggggh xD))

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he gets stiff"um ok man"

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Carter let's go "so she doesn't have to go? Where is she?"

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"in the plan...we had to knock her out because she kept attacking"

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"well get her off the plane! Please!" carter exclaimed

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"oh um yea"he carries her out

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"are you going to have her sleep at your dorm?" he asked

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"i guess i dont know if i have room though"he says

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"she can come to mine" carter said

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"your dorm my little sister in your dorm"he says

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"that's what I thought..." he grumbled

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"fine but dont try anything"

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Carter nodded "promise I won't"

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"then take her:he hands her over

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Carter took Lola in his arms, then started to walk away, but turned for a second "Trent? Thanks"

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"thank you for likin my sister so much"he says and heads to his dorm

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Carter smiled slightly and took Lola to his dorm

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Leena (leena23) ((Go CARTER! Don't let no one take your girl. Lola woulda killed Trent I think))

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((probably xD))

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Leena (leena23) Jack had the car stop at the airport, right next to his fathers private jet. He got out and held the door open for Celeste to exit with him, he couldn't take his eyes off of her.

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Celeste looked around curiously "what are we doing here jack?" she asked him, taking his hand as she got out of the car

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Leena (leena23) "We are going for a ride Doll." He told her, then led her up the stairs of the Jet. It wasn't huge, this was one of his fathers smaller jets. Jack led her to a chair and sat down across from her with a grin. "Hope you're not afraid to fly." He told her buckling up.

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"actually, I love flying, you mysterious rogue" Celeste chuckled and sat across from him, curious as to where they were going

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Leena (leena23) Please buckle up Mr. Jack and beautiful Celeste. We are leaving now. We'll be arriving at our destination in a short while.

Jack rolled his eyes, "Charles don't make me hit you." Jack made sure Celeste's belt was on tight, then sat back in his chair. "Once we're in the air you can get up and move around if you like. I'll have to, I need to change."

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Celeste grinned "dont listen to him charles!" celeste called, she was used to life like his, hopping into a personal jet wasnt new to her "so I'm not going to be the only one dressed fancy anymore?"

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