Last to Die (Rizzoli & Isles, #10) Last to Die question

Who killed Dr Welliver?
JoWanderer JoWanderer Sep 11, 2012 11:47AM
Just finished the book but can't figure out who killed her?

That totally slipped me was a jarring note in the book for me! Glad others missed it too.

Good close enough to know there was a killer out there that has connection with the 3 children to near the end...however I didn't see that coming the real killer reveal at the end...

Why isn't this marked "SPOILER".

I think it was Teddy Clock - he was saying he didn't mean for her to was just before Justine shot his father

The kid who was helping Icarus (can't remember his name) slipped some sort of natural hallucinogen into her sugar bowl. He did not intend for her to die but I am not sure what he hoped to gain by making her hallucinate, except maybe to distract her from her suspicions regarding him and the other two kids.


Wasn't it Justine. She was responsible for all the killings.

Dee pretty sure it was justine - she was the one responsible for the deaths of the other parents - all tied back to the CIA
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Sorry I don't know how to tag "Spoiler Alert" so I'll warn right now: SPOILER!
Now I'm confused too: I first got the impression it was Teddy Clock who drugged Welliver, since she was one of Justine's henchmen, but looking back, maybe it was Justine after all if the good Doctor was beginning to suspect corruption when looking through the children's files?

I am a big fan of the show, but recently bought my first book by this author. How close is the show to the books?

Diana Brown The TV show is totally different...more humour less thriller...I watched it for awhile and then gave up
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