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Cait Sith Fairy (willowkeeper) | 315 comments Mod
The following places

Burger King
Carls Jr.
Red Robin
Baskin Robins
Pizza Hut
Taco Bell

Call Me Dangerous ~*Your Personal Sin*~ (azali) Azzy was starved from her day at work, and walked in. "Hm... Denny's, I guess." She said, going towards the set up.

Call Me Dangerous ~*Your Personal Sin*~ (azali) She finished swiftly and decided to shop around.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Caroline was lounging around in the food court,knowing that at she was supposed to be at school. But why should she care? School was a joke. She was a Junior and she was already taking as many college classes as possible. She tested out of all her high school classes and this was still to easy for her. She sighed and ordered something off the McDonald's breakfast menu. She forgot to eat at home and she was starving

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