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Interview With Rhys Hughes - Part 1

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message 1: by Ceri (new)

Ceri | 3 comments Mod
Three part interview with the Welsh master of the absurd on Americymru:-

Part 1 HERE

Read Part 1 of an in depth interview with Rhys Hughes, the Welsh Wizard of the Absurd. Rhys was born in Porthcawl, South Wales in 1966 and plans to write exactly 1000 stories in his lifetime. The interview has links to his blogs plus tastefully arranged photos of the authors works arranged by his own hand. Part 2 of the interview will appear next Saturday and the final part which promises to depart from the normal interview procedure will appear the week after that.

message 2: by Rhys (new)

Rhys | 15 comments I'm currently thinking of some questions to ask the readers of part 3!

message 3: by Rhys (new)

Rhys | 15 comments All three parts of the interview are now up, so I just want to thank Ceri and the rest of the Americymru Network for giving me this opportunity.

This has certainly been my most thorough interview to date!

message 4: by Gaabriel (new)

Gaabriel  Becket (gaab) | 6 comments Mod
You're very welcome, we had great fun wracking our brains for what to ask you and still keep it down to not too many questions (at least we hope it wasn't too many!) and it was absolutely the most fun interview I've read. Everything you've written that I've read has been great fun to read and "head stretching" and I can't wait to get my hands on more. Thank you so very much for the stories you've written so far and thank you for doing this interview.

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