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Audrey (godsmissiongal) 1. Great Dream of Heaven - Sam Shepard

This book had its good and bad. Some of the short stories were pretty good but others had some questionable language that I didn't care for. Overall I don't think I would really recommend others to read this book. ** 2 stars from me. I am just starting this challenge plus two others so I hope I can finish this. Might as well try.

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Audrey (godsmissiongal) 2. The Obsessive Compulsive Trap by Dr. Mark Crawford.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that has OCD or knows somebody that does. It is written by a Christian Psychologist that specializes in behavioral therapy in the treatment of OCD. He also talks about OCD's sister syndromes: Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Trichoyillomania (recurrent pulling of hair), Teurette's Disorder, and Skin Picking and Nail Biting, and depression and anxiety attacks related to OCD. It was only 164 pages but chocked full of good information. It is from a Christian Perspective throughout. 5 Stars

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Audrey (godsmissiongal) 3. Joy School by Elizabeth Berg

Pretty Good Book and a fast read. 4 1/2 Stars.

message 4: by Karol (new)

Karol Audrey, your second and third titles this year sound extremely interesting to me!

message 5: by Audrey (new)

Audrey (godsmissiongal) The Obsessive Compulsive Trap was a book that my husband bought years ago. His entire family with the exception of his mother suffers from some sort of OCD mostly mild though. I also have a fairly mild case. I didn't realize that I was really OCD before I read this book. Some of the symptoms fit me to a tee. Like counting and eating my M&M's or Skittles in a specific order. I have a horrible fear of driving and have generalized anxiety disorder. This book was very eyeopening. I wouldn't say that my OCD hinders my life any except maybe the not driving.
Joy School was good but not Christian by any stretch of the imagination. It took me only about 5 hours to read it. It has a few places where there is questionable language and I would not let my child read it but for an adult it is good. It is a love story of sorts a 13 year old falls in love with a 23 year old and its really almost like a day in the life of... type story. She moves, goes to a new school, and has trouble finding good friends. Thats the gist of the story. Its cute and overall good.

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Audrey (godsmissiongal) 4. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
Great Book!! 5 Stars!

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Audrey (godsmissiongal) 5. Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein
Good Book! 4 Stars! Not all the poems were very kid friendly.

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Audrey (godsmissiongal) 6. At The Elbows of My Elders by Gail Milissa Grant

Good Memoir!! 4 1/2 Stars!

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