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message 1: by Meme (new)

Meme (mstylp) | 519 comments I thought this would be a place to discuss the sisterhood series if any are interested I just fell in love with the series. I like the idea of women righting the wrongs that the law let slip thru the cracks

message 2: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 175 comments I've never read the books and wasn't really interested until I saw the movie. And I saw the movie only because there was nothing else on, but was pleasantly surprised. I'm curious about the books. What is it about them that you like? And what do you mean by "women righting the wrongs that the law let slip thru the cracks"?

message 3: by Meme (new)

Meme (mstylp) | 519 comments the sisterhood are women who have been accused of something they didn't do, or as one of them there daughter was killed by a drunk driver and the man got off because he had diplomatic immunity, another was gang raped by bikers who were not brought to justice so these women do it. its a really great series.

message 4: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 175 comments Wow- I think we were talking about different series but yours does sound really interesting. It's really sad to hear of stories where the "bad guy" goes away unpunised by the law, but It's cool to read about those courageous enough to take justice into their own hands.

message 5: by Meme (new)

Meme (mstylp) | 519 comments oh yes I would definitely say read them they are amazing and funny, or to me anyway. haha

message 6: by Sheron (new)

Sheron | 1 comments What is the name of the movie, Rachel?

message 7: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 1 comments I LOVE THE SISTERHOOD SERIES!!!! Im on book #10 and, it saddens me that that means im halfway done the series! These crazy women have become part of my life and I cant wait to see what other shinanigans they have coming up! Just now finding out there was a like to hear more about that....

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