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Does anyone out there who is bipolar find they have to hide their illness from friends and employers?
Leif Leif Sep 11, 2012 08:18AM
I have been diagnosed Bipolar for nearly 23 years now and I still run into a lot of stigma about the disease. I get disability benefits which allow me to work part-time but I am finding, especially in so-called 'red neck' jobs that people are actually really against mentally ill people in general and also feel that if I work it means I am 'double dipping' but I have a really hard time just getting along with my pension benefits, especially now that I have to spend a lot on my book efforts. By the way, my book, "Through The Withering Storm" is about Bipolar disorder and how it affected me growing up.

I am not bipolar, but I have friends who are and they also feel this way. I think it's a shame that people cannot be accepting that everyone is different, especially not by choice.

I'm saddened that ignorance is automatically defended by fear and prejudice. They don't understand or want to understand so they go into defensive mode.

Hang in there!

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