What Young India Wants What Young India Wants question

To read it or not ?
Manoj Manoj Sep 11, 2012 07:01AM
Hi all book readers,
You must be aware that Chetan Bhagat has come up with his new book: What Young India Wants. I want to know is the book is good or not. Because last book 'Revolution 2020' I really dint enjoyed.
Please suggest....

i agree with mrinal its the reality. whatever the world may say by my point of view its not gonna change. thats what sort of youth, situation of india is nowadays.

Mrinal Gupta thank u i totally agree wit u
Dec 05, 2012 06:35AM · flag

Suggesting solution for the problems around us does not suit Chaten Bhagat. Every story does not has a happy ending specially when it comes to the problem that a country like India is facing.

And about youth, well no one can suggest what they wants because the variation among them is vary big. One can rarely find similarities between any two groups now a days. He wrote about what a writer like him thinks what the youngsters want.

I dont recommend Chaten Bhagat Books any more except to improve reading english :P

What Young India definitely wants is for this fiction writing author to not dwell into the non fiction area and writing such books. It is a book for people who are weak in English or who want to start developing the habit of reading at best....

This book is not worth a review...Mr. Bhagat has come up with an absolute disaster..strict No No... drawn from my experiences..

If u are an Indian don't just think just read! Have reached half!

If reading newspaper daily is your habit means, you really do not need to read this book.

Now a days everyone wants an upgraded mob., laptop, Tablets n even upgraded TV. But how many of us really want to upgrade our thinking about the society. This book will tell u how a well groomed society should b.

Every Indian ought to read this book. Its an amazing book in which the problems faced by the people of India are explained in detail.If you want to be a part of the solution of the problems faced by indians and want to know the major problems of india,what young india wants is a must read for you.

a Book full of foolishness.

its must read,it is not the masala kind of stuff just a good book on reality, on india
i really loved it

Good Non-fiction, should read..

every youth must read..

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