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message 1: by Anne (new)

Anne Carpenter (annemcarpenter) | 109 comments Mod
Hi, ya'll!

This thread is to share where we are outside of Goodreads - Twitter accounts to follow, Facebook pages to fan, Google+ profiles to "circle", etc.

Post away!


message 2: by Nicholas (new)

Nicholas Dettmann | 2 comments My debut novel is called, "A Life Worth Dreaming About."

Twitter: @ndettmann
Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/dettmann.nicholas

message 5: by C.C. (new)

C.C. (ccsullivan_writer) | 8 comments CC DAILLY (C.C. Dailly on Goodreads)

http://www.twitter.com/ccdailly @ccdailly
http://pinterest.com/ccdailly/ (don't understand this one yet.)

Thank you, CC

message 6: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Fornataro (fornat2012) | 8 comments Nice idea

Twitter: Fornat2003

Website: www.nancyfornataro.com (gossip about my books plus special bikers section I'm building)

any sales website: just type nancy fornataro

And I'm with CC on the Pinterest, I couldn't get it to work!!

message 7: by Kurt (new)

Kurt Chambers | 8 comments This is a great idea :) I have followed everyone on the list and 'liked' their pages.

Here we go then:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/emailmanROCKS

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KurtChambersA...

Blog: http://geniusborderinginsanity.blogsp...

Truth Teller Fan Page: http://dutchhillnews.blogspot.co.uk/2...

Author Site: http://kurtchambers.net/

Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/115730361...

Squidoo: http://www.squidoo.com/lensmasters/Ku...

message 8: by Felicia (new)

Felicia Tatum Love it! I liked everyone who had a likable page and followed twitters.


message 10: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Buckley (abuckley23) | 2 comments Hi folks,

My debut novel 'The Death, the Devil, and the Goldfish' comes out December 5th. You can find me here:

Twitter: @abuckley23 and @WOLpodcast (a new podcast for writers)

Web: www.planetkibi.com

I'm also the Adult Acquisitions Editor for Curiosity Quills Press. If your work fits our catalogue you can submit here: http://curiosityquills.com/submission...

Andrew :)

message 11: by April (new)

April Campbell (apriltazi) | 1 comments You can find at....
My website WWW.Apriltazi.netne.net
@Apriltazi on twitter

message 12: by Dante (new)

Dante Craddock (DanteCraddock) | 2 comments My Facebook Author Page
@DanteCraddock on Twitter
My page on the Write Minded Author site. Which will be completed Dec 1.

message 13: by D. (new)

D. Simmons (dbryantsimmons) Hello everyone!

I'm writing a fiction series about 3 generations of women. The first 2 books will be out Christmas 2013.



Happy Reading!

message 14: by Steve (new)

Steve Shapiro | 4 comments That's good to know. I wrote a San Francisco based World War II intrigue based on facts that is available through barnesandnoble.com right now. Read it and see it you're book will beat mine in the success of it all.

message 15: by Dianne (last edited Jan 26, 2013 12:49PM) (new)

Dianne | 4 comments Thanks again for helping make connections, Anne.

I was a freelance editor and ghost for over a decade. Now I write crime novels.

Website: www.diannegallagher.net

Blog: http://diannegallagher.wordpress.com/

FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dianne-...

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dianne_Writes

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?...

message 16: by Noelle (new)

Noelle Blakely Noelle Blakely
Visit my Blog for a Giveaway! http://ShareMyDestiny.blogspot.com Top prize is $25 Amazon gift card plus a kindle copy of my book Cherishing Destiny and a pre-order of Following Destiny. Only 4 days left to enter!
You will find all the links to my Website, Facebook Fan Page, Book Reviews and more on the Home page of the Blog. Additionally find link to other author's giveaways in the recent posts.

message 17: by James (new)

James Haresign | 3 comments Brilliant idea. I've been writing behind closed doors since I was 14, and turning 30 in a bog standard job I didn't enjoy I realised I should try pursuing something I actually love.

Website: http://www.nightjim.com/

Blog: http://nightjim.blogspot.co.uk/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NightJim

Smashwords page: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/vi...

message 18: by Noelle (new)

Noelle Blakely Noelle wrote: "Noelle Blakely
Visit my Blog for a Giveaway! http://ShareMyDestiny.blogspot.com Top prize is $25 Amazon gift card plus a kindle copy of my book Cherishing Destiny and a pre-order of ..."

Less than 24 hrs left to enter. Please, stop by for a chance to win a prize. Several copies of my books to be given away! Thanks for checking it out!

message 19: by J. (new)

J. Walker (J_Annas_Walker) | 1 comments I liked and followed everybody on the list. Even if my genre isn't your thing, please return the favor. I have been writing less than a year and could use the help I can get!
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/J-Annas...
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jannaswalker
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/1162157827133...

message 20: by Osman (new)

Osman Gulum (osman_gulum) | 2 comments I will like and follow everyone on the list. Please ensure that you like from your personal page on Facebook, as opposed to your fan page, as this doesn't count towards overall page likes.

My details are as follows:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/climbingmoun...

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GulumOsman

Amazon Paperback (please like): http://www.amazon.com/Climbing-Mounta...

Amazon Kindle (please like): http://www.amazon.com/Climbing-Mounta...

Please also friend me on here if you so wish and check out my website - www.osmangulum.com.

If anyone would like to request a read review exchange for Amazon etc. please send all enquiries to osmangulum@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you all and good luck to everyone.

P.s. feel free to just ask if there is anything I can help you with. Osman

message 21: by Osman (new)

Osman Gulum (osman_gulum) | 2 comments Nicholas wrote: "My debut novel is called, "A Life Worth Dreaming About."

Twitter: @ndettmann
Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/dettmann.nicholas"

Hi Nicholas. I have liked your Facebook page and followed you on Twitter.

Please see Message #21 for my links. Thanks

message 22: by Karen (new)

Karen | 2 comments My first books is a cozy mystery, Bats and Bones and just made the first cut in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards! Woohoo!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KarenMusserN...
Twitter: https://twitter.com/praihous
Amazon paperback: http://tinyurl.com/alryvpo
Amazon Kindle: http://tiny.url.com/aop38ra
Website: http://www.karenmussernortman.com

message 23: by Noelle (last edited Feb 14, 2013 05:13AM) (new)

Noelle Blakely Hi, Everyone. It's Valentines Day and I ❤ Giveaways!

My Book Blog is at http://ShareMyDestiny.com
Facebook fan page: http://facebook.com/byNoelleBlakely
Twitter: @noelleblakely
Website: http://DangerousDestiny.com
Cherishing Destiny @ Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Cherishing-Dest...

Follow any of these back to my Blog and enter the great giveaways, including Kindle Paperwhites and more! Happy Valentines Day! ❤Noelle

message 24: by Matilda (last edited Feb 24, 2013 04:52PM) (new)

Matilda Wren (MatildaWren) | 1 comments Hi Everyone!!

My novel is When Ravens Fall
Facebook page: facebook.com/MatildaWrenAuthor
Twitter: @Matilda_Wren
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/#11712949...
Amazon Author page: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Matilda-Wren/...

New to Goodreads!! not really sure what I'm doing yet!!

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