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:D Okay, so I have to go pretty soon, so I'll reply as fast as I can.

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Bastila Shan | 23 comments Alrighty then.

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So I get the princess? :D Okies, it might take me a while to get a picture.

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Bastila Shan | 23 comments Alrighty. I'll find mine

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Bastila Shan | 23 comments Name: Jennifer
Age: 21
Personality: To Be Rpd.


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She's hot! Her shirt needs to be a little lower, though, or better yet, nonexistent...

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Bastila Shan | 23 comments Hahahah, yeah I thought she was pretty as well.

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Name: Princess Anastasia Aurora Bourbon
Age: 20
Personality: TBRP
Appearance: without glasses or camera. ;) I'll get a better pic later. some_text

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Bastila Shan | 23 comments Wow! She's very pretty!

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I love her eyes. :D

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Bastila Shan | 23 comments I do too! Her hair is cuuute!

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I know! I'm super jealous. :D Anyway, how are we starting?

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Bastila Shan | 23 comments I don't know. Do you want to?

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Yeah, but it's getting late. After I post I may have to go...

Princess Anastasia lay in her bed, staring up at the rich cloth of her canopy bed. Today was the day she would meet her husband-to-be, her betrothed since birth. She felt a pit in her stomach, and couldn't tell if she was excited or dreading it. She sighed and sat up, then looked out the window of her dressing chambers.

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Bastila Shan | 23 comments ((Alright.))

Jennifer, the Princess' closest maid, walke dup tot he large doors leading into her room and knocked on them. "Mad'am, Bourbon, I have your dress prepared for you." She said, awaiting outside of the doors.

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The princess stood up and walked over to the doors gracefully, opening them. "Lovely, thank you, miss Jennifer." She smiled slightly. "Will you help me again with the usual morning routine? I need undressed and bathed, then I will most definitely need help getting into the beautiful gown." She didn't feel uncomfortable when she was baked in front of Jennifer, because she knew her so well.

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Bastila Shan | 23 comments She curtseyed in the presence of her majesty and shook her head. "No ma'am, you know I don't mind." She said, smiling at the princess. "Shall we get to it then?" She asked.

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Anastasia nodded and bowed her head slightly before turning toward the large basin of warm water that had been brought in while she was still asleep. She held her arms out to make it easier for Jennifer ti held undress her.

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Bastila Shan | 23 comments She walked in behind Anastasia and undid her dress, unlacing her back and then sliding it off of her. She went around the large tub to make sure she had soap and everything at her disposal.

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Anastasia felt the soft cloth slip off her body, then she took a small step into the basin, sitting down in the water.

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Bastila Shan | 23 comments "Is it warm enough for you, m'lady?" She asked, setting the soap down and preparing everything else around the room, cleaning up the bed, getting her wardrobe tighty, dusting.

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"Yes, thank you, Jennifer," Anastasia nodded, smiling as she watched Jennifer clean around the room.

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Bastila Shan | 23 comments She nodded happily and went back to cleaning her mistress' room. She came back to the tub about 10 minutes later. "Are you ready to be washed, m'lady?"

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Anastasia nodded, "Yes, please, Jennifer." She bit her lip, nervous about meeting the prince that morning.

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Bastila Shan | 23 comments "Are you excited, m'lady?" She asked, grabbing the soap and washing every part of her princess' body, even her breasts and nether regions. But she knew the princess enough for either of them to be embarrassed.

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Anastasia bit her lip slightly, then nodded. "In a good way and a scared way, Jennifer. I'm frightened that he won't like me."

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Bastila Shan | 23 comments "Nonsense, m'lady! He'll love you! Just like everyone in the kingdom." She told her, smiling at her princess.

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Anastasia smiled lightly, "Thank you, miss. Your words are most pleasant to hear."

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