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Ravenstar padded out of his den and looked at Blindpaw, who was putting his paw carefully on the ground so he wouldn't trip.

Neverpaw was sitting down, staring into space.

Blindpaw managed to pad over to the fresh-kill pile without tripping.

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Brackenflower woke her brother Shadowjay up and they both padded slowly out of the Warriors den.

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Ravenstar flicked his tail in boredom

Neverpaw watched as Blindpaw picked down mice and carefully pad towards her.

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Brackenflower picked a mouse off of the fresh-kill pile and carried it over to Shadowjay. "You hungry?" Brackenflower asked her brother.

"Yes, I am a little bit hungry." Shadowjay replied.

"We can share this mouse with me if you want." Brackenflower meowed.

"Okay...thank you." Shadowjay mewed.

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Ravenstar laid his paws on his head.

Neverpaw dipped her head and started eating the mouse.

Blindpaw sat next to her, his gaze staring blankly ahead.

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Shadowjay and Brackenflower quickly devoured the mouse.

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Ravenstar rolled on his back, sleeping

Blindpaw quickly gobbled up his mouse.

Neverpaw was already done.

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Shadowjay looked up at the sun.

Brackenflower flicked her tail listlessly.

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Ravenstar started snoring softly

Bindpaw yawned

Neverpaw slightly purred as the sun hit her pelt.

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Shadowjay got to his paws and started pacing around.

Brackenflower watched Shadowjay.

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Ravenstar rolled on his stomach, "Brackenflower, Blindpaw, go check out the RiverClan border, will you?"

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"Yes, Ravenstar." Brackenflower mewed, getting to her paws.

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Ravenstar nodded in approval.

Blindpaw got up, sniffed for Brackenflower's scent before padding over to her.

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"Hi, Blindpaw." Brackenflower mewed, then waved her tail at Shadowjay, "See you later, Shadowjay." She called over to her brother.

"See ya later, sister." Shadowjay mewed to Brackenflower.

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Blindpaw grunted and carefully followed Brackenflower

"Shadowjay! You hunt with Neverpaw." Ravenstar meowed.

Neverpaw got up and padded towards Shadowjay.

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"Hey Neverpaw." Shadowjay mewed, getting to his paws.

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Neverpaw dipped her head politely

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"Come on, let's go, it's a lovely day, so I think we'll be able to catch plenty of prey for the clan today." Shadowjay purred happily.

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Neverpaw didn't reply, just nodded.

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Shadowjay padded out of the camp behind Brackenflower and Blindpaw. "See you two later." Shadowjay mewed to Brackenflower and Blindpaw, then he veered off in the other direction.

Brackenflower nodded at Shadowjay and Neverpaw, then headed to the Riverclan border with Blindpaw.

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Neverpaw followed Shadowjay without any word

Blindpaw growled, "Mouse dung!" as he tripped over a fallen log. He scrambled up quickly so Brackenflower wouldn't have to help him.

Ravenstar stretched and decided to check the borders. He padded out of camp, heading for the WindClan border.

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Brackenflower looked back at Blindpaw, checking that he was okay, she didn't say anything though, she knew he didn't want any pity.

Shadowjay stopped when he reached a very marshy area, "We can start hunting here, we might find a frog or two while we're at it." Shadowjay mewed to Neverpaw.

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Blindpaw padded more quickly, trying to catch up.

Neverpaw dipped her head and meowed at last, "Should we hunt together or alone?"

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Brackenflower slowed her pace just a little bit so Blindpaw could keep up.

"I think we should separate then meet up after we catch a little bit of prey." Shadowjay meowed.

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Blindpaw caught up

Neverpaw dipped her head and padded off.

Ravenstar sniffed the Windclan border.

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Brackenflower arrived at the Riverclan border. "I don't smell any fresh Riverclan scents...do you?" Brackenflower asked Blindpaw.

Shadowjay padded further into the marsh, he spotted a frog almost immediately, he crouched down, jumped and caught it with one sweep of his forepaws and killed it quickly, "Well, I caught at least one piece of prey for the clan." He mewed cheerily.

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Blindpaw tasted the air and shook his head.

Neverpaw saw a frog on a lily pad in a marshy stream

Ravenstar re-marked the border.

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"Good, that means Riverclan may be keeping their distance, come on, let's check the rest of the border." Brackenflower, padding beside the Riverclan border, her ears pricked and nostrils flared, her eyes opened wide for any signs of Riverclan.

Shadowjay found a dry patch of ground and buried the frog so he could pick it up later, then went looking for more prey.

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Blindpaw followed.

Neverpaw crouched down low, ready to strike.

Ravenstar padded onward to Thunderclan territory.

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Shadowjay soon caught another frog and a small bird, he buried them with the first frog he caught.

Brackenflower didn't see, scent, or hear any signs of Riverclan cats, but she checked the border anyway.

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Blindpaw sniffed the air and scented nothing

Neverpaw sprang and caught the frog, but she fell in the river.

Ravenstar sniffed the ThunderClan border.

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"Good, it doesn't seem like Riverclan has come sniffing around here recently." Brackenflower meowed.

Shadowjay heard a splash when he was about to catch a lizard, he looked up and saw that Neverpaw had fallen into the river, he raced over to help.

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Blindpaw grunted with agreement

Neverpaw sucked in air and worked her paws frantically, "I can't swim!" she wailed.

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Shadowjay swam into the river and grabbed Neverpaw by the scruff of her neck, "It's okay, I've got you, calm down." Shadowjay mewed through a mouthful of fur, he swam back to the shore and let go of Neverpaw.

Brackenflower padded deeper into Shadowclan territory, "We'll check around here to make sure there aren't any intruders in our territory." She mewed.

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"Thanks!" Neverpaw huffed.

Blindpaw nodded.

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"Are you okay, getting a soaking isn't the funnest thing to have happen to you." Shadowjay mewed, trying to shake river water out of his wet pelt.

"Brackenflower's senses were alert as she padded through Shadowclan territory, ready to fight off any possible intruders.

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Neverpaw shrugged, "I guess......I never really liked water, so I don't go in it, even if it is a hot day."

Blindpaw snorted, He couldn't fight off intruders.

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"I don't like water much either, you should see Riverclan cats, they're like fish when they swim in the river." Shadowjay meowed.

Brackenflower didn't notice any intruders as she padded through the territory.

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Neverpaw snorted with disgust

Blindpaw tried to keep pace with her but he kept tripping over little twigs and debris.

Ravenstar re-marked the ThunderClan border.

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"Yeah, Riverclan's a bunch of fish-faces." Shadowjay mewed.

Brackenflower noticed Blindpaw tripping over twigs and debris and she slowed her pace just a little so her apprentice could keep up with her.

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Neverpaw got up and shook her fur.

Blindpaw hissed with disgust as Brackenflower slowed her pace, but he was hissing to himself not her.

Ravenstar padded towards the ShadowClan camp, weary after re-marking the borders.

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"We can take the prey we've got back to camp, then we can eat, then I'll teach a few new battle moves if you're up to it." Shadowjay mewed, picking up Neverpaw's frog and padding toward where he had buried his prey.

Brackenflower stepped on thorn and yelped in pain, she stopped and pulled the thorn out, "Mousedung, that hurt." She hissed quietly.

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Neverpaw nodded and padded after him.

Blindpaw purred with amusement, then stopped, "Sorry." he muttered.

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Shadowjay took his prey out of the little hole, "You can carry the frog you caught, I'll carry this." He mewed, picking up the prey and started heading back to camp.

Brackenflower flicked Blindpaw's nose gently with her tail, her own whiskers twitching with amusement, "It's okay." She mewed.

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Neverpaw grabbed her frog.

Blindpaw ducked his head, missing her tail.

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Shadowjay padded into the Shadowclan camp and dropped his prey on the fresh kill pile.

"Come on, we're almost done with our patrol." Brackenflower meowed.

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Neverpaw dropped her frog and wondered why Blindpaw wasn't here yet.

Blindpaw snorted and followed.

Ravenstar padded over to the two cats and dipped his head, "I see your hunting was good."

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Brackenflower padded back into the camp, "Hi Shadowjay, hi Neverpaw." She mewed.

"Yes, there's plenty of prey around now,Neverpaw's a great hunter, but she accidentally fell in the river, she's okay now though." Shadowjay reported to Ravenstar. Shadowjay heard his sister and turned to face her, "Hello, how was your patrol with Blindpaw?"

"I didn't notice any trace of Riverclan near the border." Brackenflower replied.

"Good." Shadowjay meowed.

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Ravenstar narrowed his eyes at Neverpaw when Shadowjay mentioned her falling in the river.

Blindpaw glared at Neverpaw.

Neverpaw seemed embarrassed.

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