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Cait Sith Fairy (willowkeeper) | 315 comments Mod
Head of Household: Mo Walter Fox
Spouse of the Head of Household: Amy Lee

The Children,

First born, Son/Daughter:
Second born, Son/Daughter:
Third born, Son/Daughter:
Fourth born, Daughter: Allison Clayera
Fifth born, Daughter: Azali Genevieve Alyss Fox
Sixth born, Son: Johnny

(Please make charries to fill in the empty spots.)

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Cait Sith Fairy (willowkeeper) | 315 comments Mod
Chore list

Mow the Lawn: Fourth born
Clean the Dishes: Johnny (With a step stool)
Empty the Dish washer: Third born
Do the laundry: Amy Lee Fox
Feed the dog: First born
Clean up after the dog: Second born
Wash the Dog: Johnny

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