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Jada {Tired of the Drama} (jadamc1) | 9 comments Mod
Delete the "." From the Html formate. All Characters need to be accepted by a mod before you begin to role-play. Mod characters don't need to be accepted.

<.b>Full name:<./b>

<.b> Nick Name:<./b> If any




<.b>Grade:<./b> 9 through 12

<.b>Gender:<./b> Female or Male

<.b>Appearance:<./b> No anime pictures please. Use a picture or link along with a nice description.

<.b>Personality: <./b> 5-8 sentences required

<.b>History:<./b> 5-8 sentences required


<.b>Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Ask first



<.b>Other:<./b> optional

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) In Progress:

Full name:
Nick Name: If any

Species: Moroi

Birthday: November 2
Grade: 9 through 12

Gender: Female
Appearance: No anime pictures please. Use a picture or link along with a nice description.
Personality: 5-8 sentences required

History: 5-8 sentences required

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None
Crush: Open


Call Me Dangerous ~*Your Personal Sin*~ (azali) Full name: Alyss Diamond Spade Heart.

Nick Name: Lyssie. Dia. Spay. Lovie.

Species: Moroi.

Birthday: April 13th.

Age: 16.

Grade: 11.

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has long black hair to her knees, bright violet eyes that turn red and serpentine when she's angry. She's tall, about 5'8", and skinny, albeit curvy. Her eyes are big with thick black lashes. Her lips are naturally bright red, and her skin as white as porcelain. Of course, she isn't perfect, though many would say she is. She doesn't often give a real smile, and her eyes are almost always sad, even during the happiest occasion.

Personality: Alyss has a very exaggerated personality. VERY serious, or VERY childish. She changes moods quickly and loves romance. But.. not those cheesy movies. She prefers to be in the dark, with fire as the only light. You can often find her frequenting a library, stream, or forest. She is VERY smart, despite how she acts. Alyss loves her little brother more than anything, and would protect him with her life.

History: "Let me tell you a story. I was a twin. With two older brothers, and a younger one. Now that you know that, I can start. It was my 5th birthday." Alyss sent the memory to the reader of her story. The colors were faded like an old movie and the soundtrack was broken up. It was almost scary.

5 children playing in the yard, the image breaking and shaking every once in a while. Laughter, eerie as it, like the rest, was not whole. It flickered to who could only be her parents. They looked stricken.

"Each of you, darlings, pick one thing and get in the car. Hurry." The mother's voice was strained.

The children stopped playing, their ball dropping and slowly rolling into the street. They nodded and ran inside.
She closed her eyes, and the image became sharp and clear. The sound whole. It was almost more terrifying, having it complete.

Each kid came out, one by one. Atiri (her twin) was carrying a stuffed bunny, old and worn.

Jace (One of her older brothers) carried a compass.

Axan (Jace's twin.) had a journal.

Tansen (Alyss' younger brother, only a year at the time.) was being carried by the mother, in his fist was a chain belt.

Alyss was empty handed.

The father had already started the car, and the mother clambered into the backseat. Jace, Axan, and Atiri were all smushed into the passenger seat. Alyss sat next to her mother, who held Tansen.

The father pulled the car out, it skidding a bit by the sheer speed of his actions.

They had only driven a few feet before the image skipped, like an old DVD. They were in the middle of nowhere, sliding to a stop. A cloud of dust made the picture invisible as the car halted. When it cleared the car was surrounded by soldiers. Line after line after line.

The father climbed out of the car, holding a shotgun to his side. He lifted it and shot several of the soldiers. For every one that fell it seemed more appeared. He slid back in, shutting the door.

"Give me the gun, Xylix," the mother said softly. He nodded silently and handed it to her, expecting her to shoot down more of the soldiers.

Instead, she plastered on her sweet kind smile as Alyss clung to her, eyes wide. "I love you all." She brought the gun to her temple, Alyss looking her mother in the eyes. A single shot sounded off and the gun fell to the floor. Blood fell and ran down Alyss' face, her dead mother lying against her.

The little girl didn't cry, but the rest did. Silent tears covering their faces. Her father, Xylix, lifted the gun off the floor and got out of the car again. He spread his arms wide and shut his eyes, dropping the gun to the ground. "Shoot." His single command to the soldiers rang out and a cascade of bullets swept over the man, who was dead before he hit the ground. Still, the soldiers shot, each bullet that hit animating the dead man. They didn't stop until what had once been Alyss' father was nothing but a bloody lump of ragged flesh and bone.

Alyss watched silently from the window, still not a tear in her eyes. Everyone else was quietly sobbing.
One of the soldiers roughly ripped Atiri out of the car. Alyss wanted to do something, but she stood no chance. The soldiers stood her in front of Alyss'window and slowly cut each of Atiri's fingers off, and then anything else they could think to chop. They cauterized the would each time they cut, they didn't want her to bleed out. She lived until she didn't even resemble a human any longer, and they slit her throat. Atiri's last movement was to wave goodbye to her watching twin. Her older brothers were ripped away, and the soldiers roughly cut their hearts out. She was alone, drenched in her family's blood, in this haunted car. Alone with her dead mother, as she cradled her last living family, Tansen. Still, her eyes were dry.

The scene changed. Thousands of mental hospitals and bases of They, and science labs flashed past. Years and years of memory. It all ended here.

The memory was over.

Family: Anybody want to make her little brother?

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open.

Crush: Open.

Pets: Is she allowed to have a black panther named Indiana?

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