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message 1: by May (new)

May (maysbookshelf) | 131 comments Mod
Here's where we'll collect suggestions for our next book. Each month I'll post a theme and the first 4 picks will be put to the poll for voting.

message 2: by May (new)

May (maysbookshelf) | 131 comments Mod
Theme for October is ZOMBIE.

The month of October just wouldn't be right without some kind of horror. Zombies have definitely become the in thing all thanks to The Walking Dead.

PIck #1: World War Z

message 3: by Sally (new)

Sally (kanoe) | 56 comments Mod

message 4: by May (new)

May (maysbookshelf) | 131 comments Mod
I would like to suggest that we center November around Remembrance Day but considering we just read a war related book in September, I don't want to push the idea.

What do you guys think?

message 5: by May (new)

May (maysbookshelf) | 131 comments Mod
I hope you're enjoying Oryx and Crake. Although, it seems kind of hard to enjoy a book about the end of the world and stuff.

August is just around the corner and I want to make sure everyone has a chance to vote on a book.

The thing is I have no idea what our theme should be.

So if you have a theme or maybe books you want to read, please recommend some and I'll make sure to include them!

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