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message 1: by Emmalee (new)

Emmalee (schlyne) | 16 comments

This is probably going to take the work of a lot of people to fix....

I was browsing through the books of a friend's friends section and found a book that he had once rated as unknown book, by unknown author 378. So there are a bunch of books that got jumbled into unknown author 378.

I'm guessing this is stuff that was messed up from the delink with amazon or something like that. Anyway, I just wanted to bring this to the attention of the group.

message 2: by lafon حمزة (new)

lafon حمزة نوفل (lafon) | 3557 comments There are many authors by similar "names". It's all a result of the Amazon purge earlier this year. Actually I spent a rainy Sunday afternoon clearing one of these up. I think I got through almost 300 books. That was fun.

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