Pushing the Limits (Pushing the Limits, #1) Pushing the Limits question

Perfect Chemistry or Pushing the Limits?
Danvi Danvi Sep 10, 2012 05:56PM
Noah and Echo, or Alex and Brittany?
Which book did you find had more substance?
Which book gripped you more, and had more impact on you?

Pushing the Limits.

Because it wasn't a book based mostly on Hispanic stereotypes.

If we're looking to compare books in the Hispanic genre, the 5th street gym series by Elizabeth Reyes was really great! I was not a fan of Chemistry, something about the writing format didn’t give with me.

Perfect Chemistry, more action and romantic scenes :)

Ramisha Yeah Perfect chemistry =}
Aug 23, 2013 05:30AM · flag

*tries to even think about decideing*
*re-reads both books in afterlife*
*finds computer in heaven*
Can't be desided.

This is just wrong! In so many ways I love these two books and could read them a millions times, which I've about done. I just can't torture myself and choose.

Ramisha Yeah I liked both books though and I don't understand how you could compare them. OK yeah so there both bad boys, so what? Ones in a gang, he has a wh ...more
Aug 23, 2013 05:32AM · flag

i could never pick

Perfect Chemistry!

Loved both ! But PTL would be more intense and darker than PC... Plus while I think PC was about Bad boy meet good girl and falling in love, PTL was more about two lost and broken teenagers struggling to go back to normality and and finding solace in each other's arms...

Pushing the Limits. I felt pretty meh after I finished Perfect Chemistry.

Danielle (last edited Dec 02, 2012 06:59PM ) Dec 02, 2012 06:52PM   0 votes
Pushing the limits

Don't get me wrong I liked Perfect Chemistry but i loved pushing the limits. I felt like Noah and Echo had more chemistry then Alex and Brittany and had alot more things going on in ther lives. And besides i didn't have to keep going to google translate in order to understand what they were talking about... wich i did alot in perfect chemistry.... so yeah

xoxo <3

honestly, i couldn't choose even if i tried. I think that they were both amazingly written and I'm hooked on both of them. Each book,although very similar, had some differences that made each book unique in its own way.One difference is that Alex and Brittany came from two different worlds and their similarities brought them together while Echo and Noah live very similar lives while their differences brought them together.

Pushing the Limits! I agree with comments above. It had stronger characters, a less cliched plot and no stereotypes. I did enjoy Alex and Brittany's steamy romance, though.

Sydney (last edited Jul 20, 2014 08:44AM ) Feb 14, 2013 06:34PM   0 votes
If you only count the first book in both series, I believe that Perfect Chemistry is better. It was written better and makes you want the characters together, whereas in Pushing the Limits I wanted them together but not like in Perfect Chemistry.
But, if you add the next few books, Pushing the Limits book 3, Crash Into You, takes the cake!

I seriously can't decide !! I mean the love both Noah and Echo and Britney and Alex share is unbelievably strong ! Both grabbed me and refused to let me go! They are both incredibly good books that its impossible to chose.

Definitely Pushing the Limits, there was a lot more going on and it was better written that Perfect Chemistry. I felt Noah and Echo had more chemistry than Alex and Brittany!


Danvi wrote: "Noah and Echo, or Alex and Brittany?
Which book did you find had more substance?
Which book gripped you more, and had more impact on you?"

Alex and Brittany . Perfect Chemistry

Can't pick! Both of them were equally awesome! <3

Noah and Echo, or Alex and Brittany? Can't choose.
Which book did you find had more substance? Pushing the Limits
Which book gripped you more, and had more impact on you?
Perfect Chemistry

Pushing the Limits was definitely better with characters who felt less stereotyped and forced. Another amazing book by Simone Elkeles is Leacing Paradise which would be a betfer comparison. It has a sequel called Return to Paradise that is decent but kinda rushes it. Leaving Paradise renewed my interest in non-fantasy young adult books.

Perfect chemistry was much better.

pushing the limits!

Danvi wrote: "Noah and Echo, or Alex and Brittany?
Which book did you find had more substance?
Which book gripped you more, and had more impact on you?"

pushing the Limits


Pushing the Limits. Definitely

Pushing the Limits but I still loved Perfect Chemistry.

Didn't LOVE either of them... but I'd say Pushing the Limits... probably... actually, I don't really know... maybe Perfect Chemistry...*conflicting emotions*

I really liked Pushing the Limits but Perfect Chemistry is one of my favorite books ;)x

Both of them are great books, but i prefer Pushing the limits, the characters felt more real and less stereotyped than Perfect Chemistry

I thought Pushing Limits had more of an impact on me.

Pushing the Limits

Pushing the Limits! Perfect Chemistry was good too but I enjoyed Pushing the Limits more.

both series are good...but I think I like pushing limits better!

i luvv both of them but if i HAD to choose, then it would be perfect chemistry

Both are super enjoyable books, totally loved them. But I'm gonna have to go with pushing the limits. The plot itself I just find more interesting and the main character is just amazing.

I loved both books, but because I read "Perfect Chemistry" first and because I loved Alex and Brittany's relationship I'm going to say "Perfect Chemistry"!

perfect chemistry was way to stereotype. noah and echo (pushing the limits) was more real and down to earth.

Perfect Chemistry

I love both. But I would say Pushing the Limits. It has stronger characters and the story is more interesting.

Definitely Pushing the Limits. Because although Perfect Chemistry was great at the time the author keeps repeating the same story over and over in each consecutive book in the series. Talk about selling out and milking a cash cow!

Pushing the Limits all the way!!!

I liked Pushing the Limits better

Danvi wrote: "Noah and Echo, or Alex and Brittany?
Which book did you find had more substance?
Which book gripped you more, and had more impact on you?"

euhhh .... I liked both of them ......but I choose perfect chemistry :D

Pushing the limits, totally!

Perfect chemistry is the stupidest book I have ever read in my life. No offence..
Pushing the limits however had me blubbering more than I'd care to admit, couldn't get enough of it.

I loved Pushing the Limits but I haven't read Perfect Chemistry. Should I...is it really good?

So not fair! I loved both books! I love Alex and Noah equally. No favorites. They will both have a special place in my heart. =) although I can't remember crying over perfect chemistry. Still love Alex though. Maybe I'll reread it.

Pushing the limits without a doubt. I loved everything about this book.

How is this even a debate? They're two completely different books with completely different story-lines and portrayed issues.

Pushing the Limits (Pushing the Limits, #1) by Katie McGarry is about Echo who is trying to get over a traumatic event that she can't remember. Noah is trying to gain his family back. The two of them help each other to gain what they most want and need.

Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry, #1) by Simone Elkeles is about the bad boy that can't stand the good girl. The good girl that can't get the bad boy of her mind and crazy attraction they both have for each other. There is even some random and filler drama points spaced out in the story to make it longer and more, well, dramatic.

So really.... how can these two book even be compared and debated? Makes no sense to me... If you want to compare Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry, #1) by Simone Elkeles to another book then Going Under (Going Under, #1) by Georgia Cates is the obvious choice.

Remember when comparing an apple to an orange you will come to the same answer: They are an apple and an orange and still taste nothing alike.

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