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Roleplay Topic: The Elder Scrolls

'If this letter has arrived in your possession, consider this as the invitation to a chance that will let you gain more than you have ever before, while losing nothing more than that which you have been prepared to lose thus far.

Be you mercenary, assassin, thief, cut-throat, or bandit, your past does not matter. Any rank or influence you might have has no meaning. The only thing we seek is an ability to be the means to achieve ends, and this letter is a token of our belief that you have that ability.

This is an invitation, however. You may decide not to accept. In which case, do not read the last paragraph, burn this letter. This letter is unreadable to anyone besides those it was assigned to, to minimize the risk of discovery. You should also be aware that an enchantment has been laid on this paper, so if you do read the last paragraph, your position will be monitored, in which case failure to comply with the conditions set down will result in your termination.

To the northwest of the Orc stronghold in the Wrothgorian Mountains of Taithunheim will be a shrine to Akatosh, the tip of which is shaped to look like a Dragon's head. Just east of that will be a short, blackened tree with peeling skin. Tap twice on it's trunk and your guide will arrive.

- Nasgar

*Note: Please take into consideration that the events of this RP are totally separate from those of the first RP Topic: Stirring Rumors. So the characters mentioned there will not know each other if they possibly run in. Thank you!

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The mere act of sending a letter to Erouk was enough to spark both his curiosity and anger. He had never stayed in one place any longer than absolutely necessary. He never provided a name to anyone but his employers, and never left a job unfinished. Tracking his exact movements was virtually impossible. Although, perhaps it was fair to say that his receiving the training for the dark organization, the Shadowscales, played some part in it.

As he read over the strange letter, he paused on the word "enchantment." Of course. Some fool magicked the damn letter. He growled, but read on. He was intrigued by the prospect of personal gain. As far as he was concerned, anyone who knew enough about him to track his movements was either extremely wealthy - or a threat. Possibly both. If the reward were large enough, then the mission would be worth it. If not, then the chance to gut the fool (or fools) who were keeping tabs on him would be it's own reward.

Finished with the letter, he wadded it up unceremoniously and stuffed it into her bearskin carrying satchel. A day later, with one additional kill to his name, he arrived at the location specified by the letter.

He snorted after discovering that the shrine to Akatosh was more than an hour away from the Orc stronghold. However, he spotted the shriveled up black tree nearby, as the letter had specified, and he crept closer, aware that there may be assassin ready to gut him.

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Seb could not help but read the last paragrah, as curiosity nagged her. She finished it, and though "pshht. What else do I have to loose. I have no life ahead of me. Why not?" She set out for her journey ahead.

She only wondered but three things: "Who sent this letter, why did they send this letter to me of all people, and what is to happen throughout this journey?" She was not frightened. On the contrary, actually. Seb was not one to shy away from fear. True, if she had received this letter the day her home burned down, she would have not cared, and would have crumpled it up, and burned it.

Seb has recovered by now, a month sense the death of her family, and she is back to her reckless, curious, brave self. The traits she had earned from years living, and competing with her brothers.

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((Btw, where is this going? like, why did they get this letter?))

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Katie wrote: "((Btw, where is this going? like, why did they get this letter?))"

((You'll see ;) it's going to be a quest, of sorts. One stuffed with adventure and surprises.))

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((O.K. I'm assuming you'll lead.... so i'll be able to follow behind.))

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