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I don't know, you?

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:) I like the idea of royalty, or life...

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Royalty it is, then! :)
I guess we just rp as royalty, and... umm...

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Sure! Should they both be girls, or boys, or a boy and a girl?

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Maybe both girls? Like, best friends or sisters or something?

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Hmm... Maybe friends?

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:) Shall we make our characters?

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:( Bye!!

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Name: Nevaeh Winter
Age: 16, almost 17

Nevaeh has shoulder-length reddish hair, which is rather messy. Her delicate features give her a lovely look, and her eyes are large and green. She has freckles, and a lovely smile. She is quite thin.
Personality: Nevaeh is rather mischievous, and stubborn. She enjoys pulling pranks on people, but she is kind. Nevaeh isn't the best person to talk to when you're feeling down, because she never knows what to say to help you. She'll try, but her words come out tangled and confused.
Other: She is a daughter of a duke, from a land a ways away. Her parents sent her to this kingdom to learn some manners-- which isn't working. She is very good at archery, swordfighting, math, and, surprisingly, dancing.

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Okay! :)

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I sprinted, a small smile on my face, after Ella. "El!" I called, laughing lightly.

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((I have to go!))

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I laughed. "I wasn't planning to! I was just wondering if you had seen that stream with the large tree beside it before!" I gestured to the tree.

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I went over to it, and immediately climbed the tree. "Whoa!" I exclaimed. "The view is amazing!"

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((Oh, yeah, I did. :) ))

I laughed, sitting on the highest branch that would support me.

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I stuck my tongue out, laughing. "I doubt it!" I was the sportsy one, the one who wanted to get dirty. I leapt from branch to branch, then stood on a limb that looked as if it would barely support me, but I was higher than Ella.

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I rolled my eyes. "El, you're going to fall."

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"Ella, that branch can't hold you," I said, slightly worried.

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I leapt out and grabbed Ella's wrist. "Now I can say 'I told you so'."

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I laughed lightly. "No problem."

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((No, you're fine! :) ))

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((Is it the Emma Watson movie? :) Or something else?))

I sighed and stayed up in the tree, not wanting to be seen by Ella's mistress.

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(( :) ))

I waved from the tree, going into the line of sight for but a second.

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I ducked back into the tree, sighing.

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((Never mind. :)
And sure!! That sounds great. :) ))

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