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Alan Bollinger | 5 comments The one this I found very interesting is how nicely the book fit into the mythos of the Warhammer 40k universe. The techpriest, the forgotten knowledge, the "Rogue Trader" as it were. While 40k is a very very dark and twisted storyline you can very clearly see their inspiration from this book. Anyone else get that? Even the 40,000 years (40k) into the future fits.

Timm Woods (kexizzoc) | 43 comments I was loving the book for this reason. I feel like Warhammer 40k lore is always so focused on the... well... warhammers, and yet the lore is all there for some REALLY interesting stories that have nothing to do with battle. I felt like, in Foundation, I got to see the rise of the tech-priest culture, the end of the "Dark Age of Technology" (as Warhammer calls it), and the rise of the Rogue Trader, all from a civilization watching from OUTSIDE of the God-Emperor's domain. There was always something eerily plausible amid 40k's overblown space-orkz and warrior-monks, and Foundation really brought it home.

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Susan (susieblu) | 34 comments Thank you for giving me another way of introducting this book to some of my friends.

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