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Similar books?

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Parvin same for me.

Alexis I'm hoping she ends up with Kade.

Parvin I like Blane too.

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Brittney G I want her with Blane lol :) but I do like Kade too!! this book had me feeling some sort of way :) I'm still searching for books that are similar to this story line.

Jeanie Jackson I think she fits better with Kade, but I can't see how that will work out. Love her relationship with both guys.

Ashley Bolden Ok I can respect both guys...... But in my honest opinion she belongs with Kade and I really hope that is how it turns out. I can see that both love her but reading into the deeper side of things it really feels like she is Kade's soulmate. I mean for goodness sake she pretty much says it all when she explains why Belle is her favorite Disney Princess. Kade believes in her, would do anything in his power to make her safe, treats her like an equal, hell she makes him want to be a better man. Blane may love her but I honest to god think they do NOT belong together. He doesn't trust her but basically demands her trust in return, He tells her he thinks she is smart and capable but then always acts surprised or disbelieving when she does something awesome or tries to become something more than a Runner and bartender. He had the nerve to make that whole scene with Kandi (to protect Kathleen uh-huh) and expect her to believe him when he explained the situation but then stubbornly refuses to listen or give her a chance to explain the situation with Kade. It's like he loves her but only loves her because he can get her to behave and act like he wants her to. I mean for god sake he basically pushed her into the arms of Kade. If he had just been open and honest about what was going on and the reasons why he was doing the things he was then maybe Kade wouldn't have been necessary but did he do any of that? NO! Kade has done nothing but try to be there for her no matter what, protect her no matter the circumstances (Like when he realized Diane was being a mean bully and stood up for her and promoted her, I mean why the hell didn't Blane realize that she was misersble? , encourage her to be whatever she wants, try to be the man she deserves. I honestly believe that she loves Blane but I think she IS in love with Kade. The only thing holding her back is that she doesn't want to believe that she loves and picks Kade because if she does she know it cause a almost irreparable rift in Kade and Blane's relationship. I am seriously hoping that in the next book it changes dynamics and progress's toward a relationship with Kade. I fear that if that isn't the case then I may just give up the series as I feel it will feel forced if the author continues to pursue a Blane/Kathleen relationship. Am I reading to much into the possibility of a Kade/Kathleen romance? Or is everyone else just to determined to believe in the typical rich guy falls for the naive sweet innocent bumbling woman and everyone lives happily ever after?

Lavender This book makes me seriously reconsider polygamy. I was Team Blane, but now I'm Team Kade all the way!

Kelly ~Bibliophile~ Has anyone found any books that are similar or even remotely comparable? I can't really find anything on good reads and their "recommendations" are not really...good.

I loved Blane, but he just doesn't seem ready for a relationship. He doesn't ever trust, he is quick to think she is always to blame, and doesn't think she is the amazing woman that she really is. He doesn't think she is really worth anything more than a runner and bartender. Kade believes in her and makes her strive to be a better and stronger person. Plus, she brings out the best in Kade too. Either way will be a heartbreaking turn, but I hope it's Kade. The scenes when you get insight into him and what he feels.. Amazing.

I can't wait for the next book!

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Lavender I haven't had any luck finding any books that are similar. Every book I have read after the Kathleen Turner series was a disappointment. However, Coming Home by Priscilla Glenn so far has soothed my impatience for the next book in the Kathleen Turner series.

Kelly ~Bibliophile~ Ok ladies, it's not AS good as the Kathleen Turner series (yet, at least) but do read the HELLER series by JD Nixon. I almost didn't read it because the covers are really silly but I'm glad I did!
I'm almost done with the first book and I'm really liking it. It has the same feel as the Kathleen series. Try it!! Lovable characters, sexy boss man, funny and sometimes witty dialogue.
Basically, she gets a job at an all man security firm. She has no experience but she is hired because the men always lose clients that are women because they are not good with the "soft" stuff. So she has to help with the female clientele (shenanigans ensue..) and deal with her uber sexy boss at the same time.

Angela Lexi Graves series by Camilla Schafer...

Angela Also, Rose Gardner Mystery by Denise Grover Swank is good. Both series are mysteries with love triangles.

Ashley Bolden I absolutely love the Lexi Graves Series! I haven't read the Rose Gardner Mysteries yet, I will have to get on that

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