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Fall (Fallhammer) | 2 comments Over at Io9's Observation Deck Forum
Bangarang is trying to find this book.
Help Me Help Them:
I have reposted their question here.

Ok, I've been trying to remember the title of a book for months now and am having no luck, and Google is no help. So I thought I'd query the hive-mind here.

In the book there are clouds of nanotech floating in the upper atmosphere, deployed by the military to help with accidents / injuries in sub orbit. However, it runs amok and when one is exposed to it it will heal your injury, and then proceed to replace the victims body with a more "military fit" cyborg body. These cyborgs are second class citizens despite being 8 foot tall killing machines.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

message 2: by Stuart (new)

Stuart (capnstu) | 1 comments Doesn't ring any bells for me. Sorry.

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