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September 2012 > Tipping the Velvet: Chapters Seven Through Thirteen

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message 1: by Jill (last edited Sep 10, 2012 12:01PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jill G. This section takes us into Part Two of the book, evolving past the honeymoon period of Nan and Kitty's relationship. I've only just started this section myself, but as things start to be not so perfect for Nan, I find myself getting even more and more wrapped into the story. I find Nan's reflections on her relationship with her family and the Whitstable girl she used to be particularly interesting. Where do your emotions take you during this middle chunk of the book?

Karen A. | 13 comments I am now quite wrapped up on the story. For me Kitty has been quite disappointing. Actually, to be honest, I was suspicios about Kitty from the start. I find myself worrying about Nan, hoping she finally gets some sort of happiness, but none so far. From being an oyster girl to ending up as a renter is quite a journey and definitely not what she would have wished for.

Stefani - SpelingExpirt (speling_expirt) I'm going through periods of loving and hating this book. Part of me wants to follow Nan's journey but another part of me can't help but hate her. My favourite part of the book is when Nan is between Kitty and Diana, I really rooted for her then. But when she leaves Mrs Milne and Gracie I started to despise her again.

message 4: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 2 comments While I am still addictedd to this book, this second part of it is definitely less exciting for me than the first part. I think this may be because the novel took on a totally different tone after Kitty broke things off with Nan. After seeing Nan so happy with Kitty in part one it's really hard for me to Nan fall apart like she has. I don't particularly enjoy her situation with Diana, either. I'm hoping that things will turn around for Nan because I'd love to see her happy and together again!

Jill G. So I'm definitely with everyone else on the mixed emotions about this section of the book. I also really loved the portion with Mrs. Milne and Gracie, as Stefani said--while dark, I loved watching her sit with her grief and then slowly come out of it and be a somewhat independent person, even if part of her was still numb. And then when it comes to Diana, man. So, the first encounter they had was most certainly, er, *cough* exciting *cough*. *fans self* But past that point, it became clear that Diana was such a wretchedly awful person that I couldn't really handle the rest of their relationship, particularly at the end. During that disgusting party when they almost force the maid to expose herself for their entertainment and Nan shouts all those mean things, I thought that would be her moment of clarity. And it seems, momentarily, that it is. Yet when Diana finally kicks her out--and how foolish (and selfish) of Nan to put her and the maid in that position, anyway--I was ready for Nan to be all, "Damn right I'm leaving!," taking her stuff and marching out of that piece. But instead, she's still so dependent that she begs anyone to take her, slobbering all over Diana up until the last minute. It was just...frustrating.

That all said, I'm still enjoying reading it, and am looking forward to seeing how this all ends up for Nancy King.

Imemyne | 4 comments I also agree that Nan isn't the most lovable main character. I like her and sympathize with her for most of the first section, but after Kitty she seems to bring most the trouble to herself. It makes it hard for me to feel sorry for her. She could of went home after Kitty and she could leave Diana whenever she wants, but she won't. At this point I can't tell of she's selfish or has severe tunnel vision. I hope she gets her act together and grows up a little in the last bit.

Bioschokolade | 3 comments I found this part was kind of depressing and sad and it was hard to really "like" Nancy in this episode. After the first 6 chapters - who I love to read - this part was not a pleasure to read at all. I was most of the time thinking "Oh girl go on .... no no no ... not like this ... stay at the nice ladys house and meet the nice volunteer for some cups of tea."

First thing her family-visit and the break up with Kitty. She kind of ... her way of treated her own folks was a sort of depressing, because her family loves her so much and she seems only to thinks of Kitty. At this point you see that her own family doesn't count anymore, what is a kind of sad, because her parents was so supportive to her.
Kitty ... you have to see that coming because she wants so badly be "normal". Very rude of her to using Nan ... she has really must know that Nan is so in love with her.

After that cut with Kitty Nancy doesn't care for anything. She doesn't care about her family. She doesn't care about being a renter. She doesn't care about losing all her friends, her career and her money. She doesn't care of losing her freedom and (I personally think) her self-respect. Have I mentioned the words depressing and sad?

I also agree that she pass the point to leave Diana with her head up after the party and go on her own with the knowledge, that leaving is the best thing she could actually do.

Heather | 1 comments I started the book a little late so I'm behind everyone else but I've read it twice before. I have nothing to really contribute except i hate Kitty. She broke my heart when I first read the book as a baby dyke and the betrayal doesn't get easier years later. But I may be projecting my baby dyke straight girl experiences onto Kitty...who is NOT a straight girl just an opportunist.

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