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wanderer (chloemai) GO!

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Avery walked into history class and set her stuff down at her seat in the front of the room. She was the first one there, like always. She sighed and sat down, pulling out a book and reading as she waited for class to start.

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Avery glanced up, sensing someone near. She offered a polite smile before returning to her book.

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"Uh, hi." Avery said awkwardly. She was awkward around people, which was the reason she only had like one friend. She didn't have social skills whatsoever. "I'm Avery." She muttered.

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People still shake hands? Reluctantly, avery shook his hand. "Um, where are you from? You have an interesting accent." She offered, her lame attempt at making conversation.

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Avery nodded. "Really? Wow. Why did you move here, if you don't mind my asking?" Her tone sounded a little formal for someone her age, probably making her seem uptight. Just wait until she brought out her S.A.T. words....

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Avery nodded. "Oh." She replied simply. She was never really good at keeping up conversations.

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Avery shrugged. "It's a high school. Academics here are very average and seventy five percent of the student body is probably high or drunk right now." She said with a slight smirk.

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Avery raised an eyebrow. "Let's just say it's not good and those people will most likely drop out of school before they graduate."

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Avery shook her head. "Not at all. It's disgusting really." She said, rolling her eyes.

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"World." Avery answered, happy they were finally talking about a more familiar to her. "Right now we are discussing Europe....which i guess will be easy for you."

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Avery smiled slightly. "Well try not to show off too much."

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Avery smiled and shifted in her seat. She had no idea what to say now.

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"Yes." Avery said. She didn't elaborate. She wasn't really doing anything. Avery usually soent her nights at home studying and playing her cello.

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Avery ran a hand through her hair, like she always did when she was nervous or awkward feeling.

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Avery sat up straight as soon as she saw the teacher. "Good morning. I have a question about yesterdays assignment. Question four didn't seem correctly worded, sir."

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The teacher sighed. "Ms. Dilalrds you realize this assignment is not for a grade?"

Avery nodded. "But mr. Sanders i think its important that i know this for the test. Don't you agree?"

The teacher dismissed it with a wave of his hand. "I'll extract the question."

Someone in the back of the room muttered 'overachiever'.

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Avery ignored the person. The teacher told the kids to partner up for their next project. Avery turned to King. "Partners?"

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Avery smiled (sort of) and pulled out her notebook. "So we have to describe what led to the renaissance and find an interesting way to present the information." She said, pencil poised.

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Avery wrote their names on the paper in the corner. "What time should se start at? The beginning or kings and queens or warlords?"

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"Alright then." Avery started scribbling down words onto the paper, her rough handwriting a little hard to read to anyone who hadnt seen it before. But other than that, the paper would be very neat. She didn't attempt to make conversation. She kind of sucked at it.

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