Allegiance (Legacy, #2) Allegiance question

Team Narian or Team Steldor?
Maraki M. Maraki Sep 10, 2012 06:16AM
Both boys are really nice, in my opinion. I've always been Team Narian, but Steldor is awesome, too. What's your opinion? first I hated Steldor and loved Narian, but then in the second one i liked Steldor a lot...ultimately still have to say Narian though :)

Mandy Brown The second book made me see Steldor in a new light, which improved my image of him. Ultimately, I was won over by Steldor, completely. It made me sad ...more
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i cant decided and im not quite finished the second one yet. i hated Steldor all through out the first book and most of the second but as he is dying slowly in the and he says something to Alera some type of switch in me changed and i want him to survive (cause i dont know if he dies or not yet) but in the same way i still want Narian and Alera to end up together because they are so damn cute !

totally Steldor!!!!!!!! he was sooooooooooo sweet in the second one even though he knew she wasn't gonna choose him..

I like Narian and ALera together but I'm still really mad at Alera for how she treated Steldor. She wasn't my favorite character in the series.


TEAM NARIAN!!! he is so romantic (I am a hopeless romantic)I can't help but feel sorry for Steldor but he knows Alera doesn't love him and I think making her go through with the whole wedding and stuff was just selfish. But then at the end of Allegiance when he walked away my heart went out to him. I have never heard of something so romantic in my life; because he loved her, he let her go. AAHHH!!! why does he have to be such a gentleman it makes hating him so hard.

Narian, only him xD

I'm am a fan of both however I lean more towards Narian because his respect for women and I find it adorable how he still looks over Alera from a distance and has her best interest at heart.

Steldor! But I think she will end up with Narian

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In Legacy I was Team Narian for sure! But in Allegiance you saw the soft and caring side of Steldor and you had to feel sorry for him.
But I have to go Team Narian, because he is caring of Alera

Seriously... Narians in the entire series for like 15 pages, if even...

I became Team Steldor after "Allegiance". He just grew alot (in a good way). I had no team in "Legacy" because Steldor was an ass and Narian practically didn't exist.

Mandy Brown It was the same for me, exactly. In Legacy, Steldor was a pig and Narian was never around. In Allegiance though, Steldor was the most adorable thing e ...more
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Team Steldor all the way! I know Alera hated him because he was a butt and all, but after they were married he was such a gentleman. Because of her "undying love of Narian," he didnt force her and respected her feelings and even slept on the floor because he loved her so much. If a guy realizes that even though he has no shot with a girl and gives her the world anyway wins my heart anyday

In the first book I was soooooooooooooooooo team Narian, but then in the second book I started to have more respect for Steldor. I am soooooo glad she choose Narian in the end!!!! They both deserved each other!!!

Team Steldor for the win

Steldor <3

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