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message 1: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (kristicoleman) So what did everyone think of this second chunk?

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Kristina (kristina3880) I am already hooked and it took all I had to not read on.

I am interested in Lorena and how she will evolve throughout the novel. I am also curious to what Jake Spoon's attentions are in coming back to Lonesome Dove, other than the obvious dental accident.

I actually laughed aloud at the part where the narrator is describing the sign.

Looking forward to the next section.

message 3: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (kristicoleman) I loved the sign...especially the Latin. I looked it up and it was something like "a grape changes color [i.e., ripens] when it sees [another] grape". Fabulous for the sign after all the rest of the stuff they put on it.

Lorena is an interesting character, I kinda feel bad for her, but at the same time I wonder about her life and what she's gonna do in the future in the book.

I was really interested in Jake spoon, especially (view spoiler) he should be an interesting character to watch develop...

Zulfiya (ztrotter) One more chapter to go, and I will be ready to post! :-)

Rosemary I enjoyed this section too. I can hear their voices in my head when I'm reading - always a sign of great dialogue.

Newt's parentage is an interesting question (view spoiler)

I laughed out loud over the controversy about the sign too - and the part about renting out pigs!

Silver I am quite intrigued the character of Jake Spoon. I am curious to see just what will happen with him, and how he and his recent past experiences will fit into the story.

The sign was great, the way more and more kept being added to it.

Also I think the whole Lorena love triangle that is starting to manifest might prove interesting to see just how things will turn out with that.

Now we have Dish in love with her, Newt who secretly loves her, and Jake Spoon entering in the picture. I cannot help but wonder if anything will ever come of Newt's own feelings, or if will just always remain a fantasy of his.

I also could not help but think that Jake and Xavier would make a perfect pair for each other.

Becky Each chapter has so much going on that I've split my thoughts:

Chapter 5- I know have an insatiable urge to cook biscuits outside as the sun rises. Unfortunately I live in North Carolina, and its all trees, so I couldnt see the sun rise, but all the same. Do we know how old Newt is, he has feelings for Lorna but doesn't really understand what "whoring" is, I'm guessing young teens? Already we see that Call has notions of going North.

Chapter 6- Jake Spoon arrives. I dont know what to make of him, which I think is the point since the narrator says "Smething about Jake didn't quite stick." I dont think that he is an inherently bad man, at least, no worse than Augustus who isn't exactly a paragon. And its confirmed that Jake or Call is Newt's father. I have to wonder about Call's reticence to talk about women since we now know that he visited Maggie, Newt's mother, who was a sporting woman. Did he have deeply held feelings for her, or was he ashamed that he'd whelped a child? Now Augustus' earlier comment of stressing the word "son" whenever he referred to Newt in mixed company.

Chapter 7- We see that call thinking more seriously of Montana. (Peronally, Montana is one of my favorite places, so I sympathize). Augustus goes in to town to see Lorna, because he predicts that she will fall in love with Jake Spoon. (Did Call love Maggie, while Maggie loved Jake? Are we going to see a repeat of this unfortunate triangle with Lorna?). Call jokes that the only herd Augustus could wrangle up to Montana would be whores, and this makes me wonder if Lorna is going to travel with them. It would actually be a really good business opportunity.

Chapter 8- The whole narrative about the sign was absolutely laugh-out-loud funny. "Goats and donkey neither bought nor sold. We dont rent pigs." I was giggling a lot here. I think we can learn a lot about the characters in this little piece too though, the author never seems to introduce anything without it illuminating the characters themselves. I took Latin for years in college, but couldn't translate the Latin phrase so I had to look it up. Apparently there is a lot of really interesting discussion on that matter. An alternate translation is "We are changed by the lives around us"... that certainly feels like a theme that we will be encountering more in this book as all of these men, young and old, seem to already have their fates entwined.

I have to say I feel really sorry for Newt. Here he is, just a young man, born into this barren barely-tamed wilderness, and all he wants is a sense of family. He wants some sort of security, but being among these men, he can hardly form the idea and words of what he inherently wants and needs. Deets seems to understand. A black man serving with Rangers in Texas would certainly feel a lot of the same pressures that Newt feels, probably more so, but Deets has years on Newt to put things into perspective even if he does it silently.

I had trouble feeling sorry for Dish. His happening upon Lorna while she was, uh, transacting business, seems like such a "Duh" moment. He'd had to pay her the night before, what did he really think was going on? He took her reticence for acceptance. I feel bad for him in that they are all obviously seeking something more in their lives, some sort of spiritual companionship with another person while they live in a rugged physical relationship that demands all of them in the Texas landscape.

And one final note: I love the author's ability to manipulate speech. Their conversations are so revealing, but they don't feel forced. They dont feel conveniently placed for the plot. I also enjoy the accents he has given them. Its just enough that you can feel the cowboy-ness of it, but not so much that it makes it silly.

Silver I loved the cooking bisects before the sunrise scene as well. In spite of all of their hardships, that moment right there made me wish I was there. That just seems like it would be such a great thing to do. I found myself recalling wanting to go out and cook biscuits in the pre-dawn hours of the morning, on the porch.

In the case of Newt, I have to admit, that while I do not dislike him, I find I just cannot really get into his character. Perhaps because he is just kind of in the background a lot, we don't really see that much of his personality, and maybe his personality is not completely developed yet, because of his age, but I am just left feeling neutral towards him most of the time.

I agree about Dish, I find that I cannot bring myself to really feel sorry for him, as he knew that she was a "Sporting woman" so what did he expect? I found it amusing that he automatically assumed that it would be Chick that was with her.

When the riders first rode up, I thought for sure it was going to end up being the sheriff or someone looking of Jake in relation to the shooting, I was surprising when it turned out to be people who just wanted to rent horses.

One thing which I found interesting in reading this book is learning about the hierarchy for lack of a better word, of different jobs, in the way in which Dish, as a top hand, saw himself as being too good to do ground work, like helping to dig the well, and how it was seen as degrading to ask him to do anything which did not involved him sitting on top of a horse. I would have thought at that time, everyone would just do whatever work needed to be done, and they would not have that sort of division of labor, or certain prestige in some jobs.

Zulfiya (ztrotter) Biscuits and honey were so tantalizing that I had to cook some and indulge my craving for unhealthy food and punish myself with an extra mile on the treadmill:-)

I think the sign, though funny in itself, is also a certain symbol of maturation and a right of passage, especially for Newt because his name is still not there. So he possible will have to go through a certain 'initiation' in the upcoming chapters of the novel (and that is virtually the whole book:-)).

Anyway, the novel is acquiring the same qualities as our previous group read. It is very enjoyable and entertaining without having the pretentious feeling of being a serious read.

Deana (ablotial) Rosemary - I completely agree with your spoiler, that was my first thought after that offhand comment about Newt probably belonging to one of the men there.

Silver - I had the same "I thought people would just do whatever needed to be done" attitude. This was certainly a different take on it for me!

Really enjoyed this section - definitely getting hooked on this book! I wonder if Lorena really is that beautiful or if it's just because she is the only female for a full day's journey. She definitely seems to be (unintentionally, I think) causing some trouble between the menfolk.

The sign was also hilarious. I loved how much detail was spent on it.

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