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What if Foxface did not eat those berries...
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If Foxface did not eat the berries, would she have won? How?

I think it would have been between her, Katniss and Peeta. She would steal Katniss' bow and arrows and replace them with ta da! The thing in her bag from the feast- reverse bow and arrows that look exactly the same. These would back fire and shishkabob The love birds as they tried to shoot her as she danced in front of them taunting and such... and wala! The winner!

* This is assuming we don't know what she got at the feast in the real story and she was clever enough to switch those bow and arrows which we know she is;)!

Ok so now you answer anyway you like- answer the question, give your thoughts, vote yes or no on whether she would've won...have fun:)

She probably would've hiden until the end, Peeta and Katniss had their fight with Cato and commited suicide. Foxface would've win.

She would have been killed by the wolf mutts.

deleted user The mutts were sent out for Cato because they felt that Cato would have demolished them. They didn't want the Villian to win for the sake of the raiti ...more
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I agree with Jeni. If Foxface really was as smart as she seemed to be, she would have known that the nightlock was poisonous. She must of been so hungry that she either wanted to end it or because the only thing on her mind was getting food. That being said, I think she would have avoided conflict and tried to outsmart her opponent.

I believe that Foxface did not know the difference. Katniss knew on some level because of experience, but she questioned the berries Rue ate. If she did not come to death by the berries, it would have been the mutations (mutts).

No she wouldn't of one because the gamemakers would make her fight against her opponent right? :) And she probably isn't the strongest.

i think that she would have lasted pretty far but i feel like it worked that she ate the berries. she was very cunning and sly (i.e. the name) and it was just fated that she died the way that she did

Hmmm...interesting question. I think she was resourceful only in her ability to remain hidden.

If she had not eaten the berries, I think it would be likely she would have starved to death.

I wasn't very impressed with her as a contestant, I think. haha.

If she didn't eat the berries I think she could have won but the gamemakers would have wanted Katniss and Peeta to be the last ones standing so its more dramatic for the audience. The gamemakers may have given Katniss and Peeta and advantage over her too, to insure they are the two final tributes.

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