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Watching Marilyn by Jack Chapman Jack Chapman

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Watching Marilyn

Book Description

In the heatwave summer of 1962 Frank Watson, an investigator with a dubious past in pre-revolutionary Cuba, is hired to plant phone taps in the Hollywood home of Marilyn Monroe. There are rumours Monroe has kept a diary, a red book, detailing her affair with John F. Kennedy, the record of a scandal that could bring down the President. With the world on the edge of nuclear war, the clock in Kennedy's words at 'five to midnight', Frank Watson comes to believe someone is conspiring to protect the President by other than legitimate means.

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Viktoriya | 7 comments I would like to review this book.
Viktoriya Bergh
Epub format please.

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Sent in your request Viktoriya

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Juliet (jujuzz) This book definitely sounds interesting!


Thanks in advance!

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sent in your request Juliet

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Ruby Chua (rubychua) | 10 comments Would love to review this book.



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sent in your request Ruby

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