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There is one piece of writing that I raelly want to put in here, but I have to find it first. When I do rediscover it somewhere among my 10,000+ documents on my computer and hard-drive, I'll add it (:

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Find it!!!!!

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★ Mist ☆ Cassidy ★ (rockclimbingirl) | 116 comments Mod
September, 1882
Saturday 30
London, England

_The mask seemed to mould to her face as if it was an an extension of her own body. Gently, she reached behind her and tucked the thin strap underneath her elegant up do, securing the beautiful addition. Ever so slowly she turned to face the mirror, in which an almost unfamiliar girl stared back at her.

_Creeping through the eye slots of her white and gold masquerade mask, her emerald eyes shone like the nighttime stars. The night she had been waiting for since the time she was only eight, was finally happening, six years later.

_Adele Eastern was attending the annual ball with none other than James Morgan, her best friend and the one she had admired since the time she was a much younger girl.

_In the reflection of herself in the mirror, the corners of her lips turned up in a brilliant smile, that lit up the entirety of her face and maybe even the whole of her bedroom chamber.

_“You look beautiful, miss,” the small yet kind voice of their family maid, Mary, said from behind Adele as she finished tying the last bit of lace on Adele’s rich and vibrant green dress.

_Without turning around she said, “thank-you, Mary. You are truly the kindest person I have ever had the honour to meet. I am forever in your debt.” As Mary stepped out from behind Adele’s tall frame, she blushed and nodded once, before backing up and exiting Adele’s chamber.

_Adele continued posing for herself in the mirror, her smile growing even more radiant with each move. She became so entranced that she did not even notice another girl entering her room and coming to stand at her side, before the newcomer spoke.

_“I dare say, I have never seen my sister looking so ecstatic before in my lifetime,” Adele’s twin sister laughed, her voice filling the chamber with a mixture of happiness and envy. Adele, favouring the former and ignoring the latter, turned to her sister who was in an identical mask and an a near similar dress with the exception of its’ crimson colour. It was near impossible to tell the two sisters apart.

_Adele shrugged in quick response. “I am excited that is all. You of all people know how I have been dreaming of this night—” Her identical twin sister cut her off with a high pitched laugh.

_“I of all people know how you have been dreaming of this night since the time you were but a wee little girl? Is that not what you were going to say?” Adele rolled her eyes. It was so much like her sister, Selina, too know what she was going to say in full terms before she even knew it for herself. Selina paused before continuing, “are you finally ready?”

_“Of course I am, Selina. I am not mother. I do not take seven hours to get ready for a simple outing,” Adele scoffed, a smile, a smile creeping onto her face.

_“A simple outing, you say? I best be telling James that you think his asking you to the ball is simple.” There was time when Adele and Selina were inseparable, but in the late, Adele had found her sister growing on her nerves. Especially when she said things like that.

_Adele turned back towards the mirror with Selina copying her movement almost immediately, as if it was predicted. Once upon a time, Adele would of looked into the mirror that showed a reflection of the two of them, counting the puzzling similarities that being identical twins brought. Now, she counted the differences.

_They had the same long and flowing chocolate brown hair, almond shaped eyes, full red lips, and flawless tan skin, all in which they had received from their mothers’ Italian heritage. The two of them had received their height and emerald eyes from their father, a tall English born and bred man and that was where the similarities ended.

_For as long as Adele could remember on her right cheekbone there was scar in the shaped of a star, that was not hidden by the masquerade mask, while on Selina’s right cheekbone there was nothing but smooth skin. While Adele’s eyes were warm and kind, Selina’s were darker, colder, and more menacing then ever before. Adele held herself in such a way that showed she was proud of her self but felt that none were beneath her. Selina, on the other hand, was the one to push others under her, to make them feel like they were an intruding pest that would not go away.

_Adele was the one you would come to for help no matter the reason, no matter the time. Selina was the one you ran from in search of someone who would protect you from her and her torturous mind.

_Those were just a few differences amongst the many others that were coming more apparent as the years ticked by.

_She was about to say something to distract herself from the discoveries within the mirror when she heard from the opposite side of the chamber door Mary telling them that the guests were arriving for their family’s yearly ball.

_With a final glance at her sister, Adele turned on the heels of her white lace-up boots and hurried to the door of her chamber, trying to put as much distance between the two of them as possible in the shortest amount of time without raising suspicion.

_Once she was on the other side of the bedroom door, she closed it and leaned comfortably against it, listening for her sisters’ footsteps that did not come. Selina was making no move into hurrying down to meet the guests, something in it’s own that was quite suspicious. Selina was one of those who lived for basking in compliments of others.

★ Mist ☆ Cassidy ★ (rockclimbingirl) | 116 comments Mod
Since you can't do a tap and making a whole bunch of spaces doesn't work, pretend the '_' is an indent.

It's a paranormal/fantasy book before things start to change. It's only the very couple paragraphs of the first chapter :)

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Ivy (iwanttocrawlintobookslivethere) | 24 comments Oh I like it...a lot :) If you post anymore you have to let me know. I'm really into paranormal and fantasy books and I'm actually writing a paranormal romance.

I might actually post my first chapter up sometime. I really need some opinions besides me own.

★ Mist ☆ Cassidy ★ (rockclimbingirl) | 116 comments Mod
Ivy wrote: "Oh I like it...a lot :) If you post anymore you have to let me know. I'm really into paranormal and fantasy books and I'm actually writing a paranormal romance.

I might actually post my first chap..."

Thank-you! :) I'll definitely let you know!

I love paranormal books almost as much as I love historical-fiction novels :)

I would love to read you're first chapter and critique it :P

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Ivy (iwanttocrawlintobookslivethere) | 24 comments Your welcome!
Same here, I love paranormal/fantasy books but not as much as classics and historical fictions :)

Okay, thanks I'll let you know when I post it!

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